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Spark/Scala MOOC + Capstone Project Now Live on Coursera! 168 retweets

Excited to announce that our "Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark" course is now LIVE on Coursera! +Capstone too!

Databricks to run two massive online courses on Apache Spark 73 retweets

In the age of ‘Big Data,’ with datasets rapidly growing in size and complexity and cloud computing becoming more pervasive, data science techniques are fast becoming core components of large-scale data processing pipelines. Apache Spark offers analys...

Lightbend to Launch Reactive Architecture Training 59 retweets

[PRESS-RELEASE] Lightbend to Launch Reactive Architecture Training Free online training course brings popular Lightbend Reactive training curriculum to IBM Cognitive Class CognitiveClass

MongoDB Connector for Apache Spark: Announcing Early Access Program & New Spark Course 51 retweets

MongoDB's blog includes technical tutorials, MongoDB best practices, customer stories, and industry news related to the leading non-relational database.

Crash Course — Apache MXNet documentation 28 retweets

New to MXNet? Get started with the Gluon 60-minutes crash course!