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100DaysOfCode in Python course - 89 retweets

We just launched an epic new course: 100DaysOfCode in Python. This 17-hour course with 80 hours of exercises will guide you on your 100 day code journey. Check it out at cc bbelderbos _juliansequeira

Async Techniques and Examples in Python course - 81 retweets

Are you ready for *the* definitive course on Python's async techniques and APIs from the new async / await to threads and even the web? We just launch "Async Techniques and Examples in Python"

A bunch of online Python courses 75 retweets

Hey everyone, Happy 2018! There are many things to celebrate as we roll into this new year. One is a bunch of new Python courses are either available or coming soon at Talk Python Training. I've been thinking about how to best make these available to...

Free MongoDB Course with Python 64 retweets

It's really wonderful how many people are signing up for my just launched, free MongoDB course: Thanks everyone!

Overview β€’ Angular 64 retweets

We can code up Angular in the browser using an online editor called StackBlitz. It gives us the ability to try our Angular quickly without requiring complex setup. It also gives us a unique URL so: We can quickly take a look at some code another p...

Parallel Computing with Dask | DataCamp 46 retweets

We're incredibly proud to be launching our 1st Dask DataCamp anacondainc course : a flexible parallel computing library to easily scale Python datascience workflows up to large datasets. Join inimitable dhavidearuliah & ...

TestDriven.io - Test Driven Development Courses 44 retweets

🐍 Learn how to build, test, and deploy Python microservices powered by Docker, Flask, and React: Great new course material by testdrivenio!

PyVideo.org Β· Interactive Geophysics 42 retweets

Interactive Geophysics (PyVideo) by Lindsey Heagy: The aim of this short course is to make the geophysical concepts accessible & interactive: from 1st introduction, to research & applied work (sharing the tools we're using & ...

Consuming HTTP Services in Python course - 42 retweets

Just launched a new talkpython course! Consuming HTTP and REST Services in Python. I hope you love it!

Graham Wheeler's Random Forest 33 retweets

I've been teaching a crash course in data science with Python, which starts off with learning Python itself. The target audience is Java programmers (generally senior level) so its assumed that things

RESTful / HTTP services in Pyramid and Python course handout materials 30 retweets

Next Python course is coming into focus: RESTful and HTTP services in Pyramid cc trypyramid

New course: Consuming HTTP services in Python 23 retweets

I'm thrilled to announce a new Talk Python course: Consuming HTTP, RESTful, and SOAP Services in Python Visit the course page to join What's this course about? This course will show you how easy it is to co...

TestDriven.io - Test Driven Development Courses 22 retweets

Learn microservices with Docker, Flask, and React in this course by Real Python