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Esther's Online Classes 51 retweets

I'm making an on-line course to help teams have more effective retrospectives. Expect to launch in a couple weeks. Sign up if you want to learn more :

Passionate Product Owner Workshop (Certified Scrum PO) 16 retweets

Jeff Patton, author of “User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product” and self-professed Passionate Product Owner, brings his widely successful version of Certified Scrum Product Owner® to the U.S. in a limited number of publ...

Product Management | Product Institute 13 retweets

Many prodmgmt courses teach how to build the product right. We also teach how to build the right product.

Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling Applied to Product Managers & UX Designers 13 retweets

“Tell a good story, and you’ll end up with a passionate team who works on product your customers love.” shahedkhalili’s storytelling article is a great resource for designers. Our students will use this during the Storytelling and Scenarios course....

Give teams a problem to solve, not a solution to implement 12 retweets

“And yet, sprint after sprint teams are rushing to get features out the door. Adjusting course  means adding stories onto an already impossibly long backlog and the idea of managing to outcomes   seems to have been lost in the shuffle.”