Infographics: Operation Costs in CPU Clock Cycles 442 retweets

Quote:"Back in 80s, it was possible to calculate the speed of the program just by looking at assembly."Another Quote:"keep in mind that these days compilers tend to ignore inline specifications more often than not"[→]

Azure | fast.ai course v3 124 retweets

Fantastic job by the Azure DSVM team getting fastai and all the course notebooks pre-installed so that students can be up and running quickly and easily! I love how much easier it's getting for folks to get started with practical deep learning :) h...

The source for Linux information 29 retweets

Kubernetes is open source software for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. The project is governed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is hosted by The Linux Foundation. And it’s quickly becoming ...

CRI: How Kubernetes really runs containers 13 retweets

Get a crash course on how Kubernetes really runs containers with the CRI at FOSDEM with lucabruno: