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Learning Resources for the Kotlin Programming Language 149 retweets

Atomic Kotlin ( is a new book about Kotlin for developers with no Java experience, by BruceEckel and sveta_isakova. The book is still work in progress, but you can access its current text and exercises as an online course at...

Moving to Java 9: Better Design and Simpler Code 64 retweets

4+ Hours of Video Instruction Java 9 introduces new features and functions that will make your code simpler and easier to read and will make for better deployment and documentation ... - Selection from Moving to Java 9: Better Design and Simpler Code...

IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz 60 retweets

My free course on how to become an IntelliJ Wizard - useful for android and java programmers


Wow, Pluralsight opens its full course library to everyone this weekend, starting now: This means you can check out all the 'What's New in Java {9,10,11}' and other java courses for free as well: Enj...

Java Training Overview - JavaSpecialists 34 retweets

JavaSpecialists is now offering the "Hans Rudolf Scholarship" worth $1837 in courses to diligent Java programmers:

What’s New in Java 11: Long-term Support 31 retweets

To celebrate the launch of java 11 today, my pluralsight course "What's New in Java 11: Long-term Support" is free to watch. Starting today, for a week. Go watch it now: Enjoy!

Redirecting… 19 retweets

Martin Thompson (mjpt777) will be delivering his Lock Free Algorithms Course, 1st-3rd April 2019 at Instil HQ. People already booking their places: