Tech Ethics Curricula: A Collection of Syllabi 418 retweets

In November 2017, I created an openly editable spreadsheet of tech ethics curricula. Now it has almost 200 courses listed, and I've blogged some context. Continue to spread the words, and let's make it an even better resource!

Stanford Engineering Everywhere | Courses 259 retweets

Oh wow, Stanford's CS106A and CS106B are back online for free. These courses changed my life a decade ago when unix-sysadmin-me decided it was time to go beyond scripting. Highly recommended if you're a not-really-coder who wants to be a coder. http...

DevOps Fundamentals: Understanding the CI/CD Pipeline -- Free Ebook 38 retweets

This free ebook introduces the basic concepts of CI/CD that are presented by botchagalupe in DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261), a course from The Linux Foundation!


Sweet, my latest pluralsight course "Continuous Delivery and DevOps with TFS and VSTS 2018, Release Management" has been released: