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Vue for Designers by Design+Code 69 retweets

Vue.js is a powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript framework that is component-based, just like React. Build a beautiful admin dashboard that you can use for your own data on the web.

Software Design for Non-Designers | openSAP 58 retweets

The Software for Non-Designers interactive course aims to explain common aspects of design as way to improve user experience in software engineering, and will provide an introduction to a few basic steps you can apply to your next project. It is taug...

Storytelling Online Course - IDEO U 42 retweets

Every innovation begins as a story. Learn how to craft a compelling narrative, inspire others to follow your lead, and connect with diverse audiences in IDEOU's Storytelling for Influence online course:

Rapid Prototyping | Udacity 28 retweets

Learning to prototype will save you time and money in the development process. You’ll create quality apps faster and have confidence in the viability of your products.

Working with Atomic Design and Pattern Lab 21 retweets

⭐️Thrilled to announce my Working with Atomic Design and patternlabio course on AquentGymnasium! This course will teach you how to use Pattern Lab to build flexible, robust UI design systems.

UX Crash Course: User Psychology 21 retweets

UX Crash Course: User Psychology My mission for 2014 was to get more people started in User Experience (UX) Design. In January, hundreds of thousands of people did the original UX Crash Course and it...

What’s New in the 2018 Edition of Getting Started with Sketch 18 retweets

I just released a complete rewrite & rerecording of my online course Getting Started with Sketch. The 2018 edition is up to date with Sketch 51, covers iOS AND Android, and has hundreds of other improvements. Existing students get the update for f...