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This paper presents a simple method for "do as I do" motion transfer: ... 8433 retweets

This paper presents a simple method for "do as I do" motion transfer: given a source video of a person dancing we can transfer that performance to a novel (amateur) target after only a few minutes of the target subject performing standard moves. We p...

Better Language Models and Their Implications 2947 retweets

We’ve trained a large-scale unsupervised language model which generates coherent paragraphs of text, achieves state-of-the-art performance on many language modeling benchmarks, and performs rudimentary reading comprehension, machine translation, ques...

deeplearningai: Announcing new Deep Learning courses on Coursera 2630 retweets

I have been working on three new AI projects, and am thrilled to announce the first one: deeplearning.ai, a project dedicated to disseminating AI knowledge, is launching a new sequence of Deep…

We've created a bot which beats the world's top professionals at 1v1 m... 2431 retweets

We've created a bot which beats the world's top professionals at 1v1 matches of Dota 2 [ under standard tournament rules. The bot learned the game from scratch by self-play, and does not use imitation learning or tree search. ...

Deep Learning Specialization 2044 retweets

Learn Deep Learning from deeplearning.ai. If you want to break into AI, this Specialization will help you do so. Deep Learning is one of the most highly sought after skills in tech. We will help you become good at Deep Learning. In five courses, ...

What Artificial Intelligence Can and Can’t Do Right Now 1984 retweets

What AI can and cannot do for you today. My Harvard Business Review piece on how AI affects your org.

Opening a new chapter of my work in AI 1905 retweets

I will be resigning from Baidu, where I have been leading the company’s AI Group. Baidu’s AI is incredibly strong, and the team is stacked up and down with talent; I am confident AI at Baidu will…

Unsupervised Sentiment Neuron 1895 retweets

We’ve developed an unsupervised system which learns an excellent representation of sentiment, despite being trained only to predict the next character in the text of Amazon reviews.

Machine Learning Yearning 1367 retweets

Get a free draft copy of my book on how to structure Machine Learning projects: I’d started this before but got distracted building Deep Learning Specialization; I’m now rebooting this. Sign up to get free chapters as they’re released!

Self-driving cars are here – Andrew Ng – Medium 1324 retweets

Drive.ai will offer a self-driving car service for public use in Frisco, Texas starting in July, 2018. Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic AI technology. They’re here, and will soon make…

Introducing OpenAI 1170 retweets

OpenAI is a non-profit artificial intelligence research company. Our goal is to advance digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity as a whole, unconstrained by a need to generate financial return. Since our research is fr...

Software 20 – Andrej Karpathy – Medium 1154 retweets

I sometimes see people refer to neural networks as just “another tool in your machine learning toolbox”. They have some pros and cons, they work here or there, and sometimes you can use them to win…

AI and Deep Learning in 2017 1153 retweets

The year is coming to an end. I did not write nearly as much as I had planned to. But I’m hoping to change that next year, with more tutorials around Reinforcement Learning, Evolution, and Ba…

Evolution Strategies as a Scalable Alternative to Reinforcement Learni... 1131 retweets

We've discovered that evolution strategies (ES), an optimization technique that's been known for decades, rivals the performance of standard reinforcement learning (RL) techniques on modern RL benchmarks, while overcoming many of RL's inconveniences.

DeepMind and Blizzard open StarCraft II as an AI research environment 1051 retweets

Along with our partner Blizzard Entertainment, we are excited to announce the release of the Starcraft II Learning Environment (SC2LE), a suite of tools that we hope will accelerate AI research in the real-time strategy game and make it easier for re...

AI expert: Worry more about jobs than killer robots 1038 retweets

While there has been a lot of talk about super-smart artificial intelligence lately, one of the leaders in the field thinks there are more pressing problems for humanity to solve. Andrew Ng, the cofounder of Coursera and former chief scientist at Chi...

Spam detection in the physical world 1037 retweets

We've created the world's first Spam-detecting AI trained entirely in simulation [ and deployed on a physical robot. Our vision system successfully flagging a can of Spam [

Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2019 · fastai 1002 retweets

Practical Deep Learning for Coders, 2019 edition, is now available. With a shiny new video player with searchable transcripts. This course is 100% new material, including some new techniques and results never previously published.

Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement L... 999 retweets

The game of chess is the most widely-studied domain in the history of artificial intelligence. The strongest programs are based on a combination of sophisticated search techniques, domain-specific adaptations, and handcrafted evaluation functions tha...

Revitalizing manufacturing through AI 986 retweets

I am excited to announce Landing.ai, a new Artificial Intelligence company that will help other enterprises transform for the age of AI. We will initially focus on the manufacturing industry. AI is…

Our team of five neural networks, OpenAI Five, has started to defeat a... 979 retweets

Our team of five neural networks, OpenAI Five, has started to defeat amateur human teams (including a semi-pro team) at Dota 2:

Anatomy of an AI System 972 retweets

Thrilled to launch a big project today: ANATOMY OF AN AI SYSTEM. It's a large map & long-form essay about Amazon's Echo, and the full stack of capital, labor, and natural resources used in AI. It's a collab with TheCreaturesLab, who is a visual ...

ML beyond Curve Fitting: An Intro to Causal Inference and do-Calculus 968 retweets

You might have come across Judea Pearl's new book, and a related interview which was widely shared in my social bubble. In the interview, Pearl dismisses most of what we do in ML as curve fitting. While I believe that's an overstatement (conveniently...

Computer Science > Neural and Evolutionary Computing 964 retweets

Neural networks can learn to represent and manipulate numerical information, but they seldom generalize well outside of the range of numerical values encountered during training. To encourage more systematic numerical extrapolation, we propose an arc...

LKML: Piotr Luc: x86/cpufeature: Add AVX512_4VNNIW and AVX512_4FMAPS ... 925 retweets

Linux kernel push confirms, Intel to add dedicated neural network hardware ops into their future processors

Seedbank — discover machine learning examples 920 retweets

Today we’re launching Seedbank, a place to discover interactive ML examples which you can run from your browser, no set-up required. Each example can be edited, extended, and adapted into your own project. Read mtyka's post for more info ↓

Google AI Blog: The Google Brain Team — Looking Back on 2017 (Part 1 ... 888 retweets

On behalf of the Google Brain team, I wrote a summary of some of the things we did in 2017. This is part 1 of 2. I'm very proud of the whole team and what we accomplished in 2017!

We are releasing Roboschool : open-source software for robot simulatio... 887 retweets

We are releasing Roboschool [ open-source software for robot simulation, integrated with OpenAI Gym [ Your browser does not support the video tag. Three control policies running o...

Nonlinear Computation in Deep Linear Networks 859 retweets

We've shown that deep linear networks — as implemented using floating-point arithmetic — are not actually linear and can perform nonlinear computation. We used evolution strategies to find parameters in linear networks that exploit this trait, letti...

Robust Adversarial Examples 840 retweets

We've created images that reliably fool neural network classifiers when viewed from varied scales and perspectives. This challenges a claim [ from last week that self-driving cars would be hard to trick maliciously s...

Stanford AI for Healthcare – Medium 836 retweets

Do you want to learn about AI+Healthcare? Our Stanford team is releasing a new Medium publication to share exciting work across the field! Check it out:

AI Transformation Playbook How to lead your company into the AI era 835 retweets

Introducing the AI Transformation Playbook! How can your company become good at AI? This 5-step Playbook provides the key steps for transforming your company using AI, from executing pilot projects to building a team, and more. Download your free co...

Infrastructure for Deep Learning 830 retweets

Deep learning is an empirical science, and the quality of a group's infrastructure is a multiplier on progress. Fortunately, today's open-source ecosystem makes it possible for anyone to build great deep learning infrastructure.

AI For Everyone | Coursera 805 retweets

Learn AI For Everyone from deeplearning.ai. AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone--especially your non-technical colleagues--to take. In this course, you ...

ML Universal Guides 788 retweets

Check out this excellent guide to text classification from Google. Covers important best practices and rules of thumb, including a complete flowchart for picking the right model & preprocessing pipeline based on the statistical structure of your ...

Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence 785 retweets

The DeepMind Control Suite is a set of continuous control tasks with a standardised structure and interpretable rewards, intended to serve as performance benchmarks for reinforcement learning agents. The tasks are written in Python and powered by the...

Code and data for paper "Deep Painterly Harmonization": 767 retweets

GitHub - luanfujun/deep-painterly-harmonization: Code and data for paper "Deep Painterly Harmonization":

This is What Happens When You Teach an AI to Name Guinea Pigs 756 retweets

Using deep learning to generate guinea pig names from images. Startlingly good.

MURA Dataset: Towards Radiologist-Level Abnormality Detection in Muscu... 754 retweets

Can your AI model detect abnormalities in bone X-rays as well as a radiologist? My Stanford lab just released a new dataset, MURA. Join our deep learning competition to see how your model compares: pranavrajpurkar jeremy_irvin16 mattlungrenM...

We're releasing the full version of Gym Retro , a platform for reinfor... 748 retweets

We're releasing the full version of Gym Retro [ a platform for reinforcement learning research on games. This brings our publicly-released game count from around 70 Atari games and 30 Sega games to over 1...

TensorFlowjs  |  TensorFlow 725 retweets

TensorFlow.js: train and use deep learning models directly in the browser, in JavaScript. Includes the full Keras API, and ability to load saved Keras models (and even fine-tune them in the browser)!

The Building Blocks of Interpretability 723 retweets

Our most recent paper on visualizing neural networks is one of the best thing I've ever done. It qualitatively changes the questions we can ask. One basic example: neuron 426 fired ~= useless [floppy ear] fired = very interesting!

Real numbers, data science and chaos: How to fit any dataset with a si... 716 retweets

Papers with Code: A searchable site that links machine learning papers on ArXiv with code on GitHub. They also tag any framework libraries used, along with other info like GitHub stars. I think such a feature would be a nice addition to ArXiv-Sanity....

MRNet: A Dataset of Knee MRIs and Competition for Automated Knee MRI I... 703 retweets

The MRNet dataset consists of 1,370 knee MRI exams performed at Stanford University Medical Center. The dataset contains 1,104 (80.6%) abnormal exams, with 319 (23.3%) ACL tears and 508 (37.1%) meniscal tears; labels were obtained through manual extr...

Learning from Human Preferences 702 retweets

One step towards building safe AI systems is to remove the need for humans to write goal functions, since using a simple proxy for a complex goal, or getting the complex goal a bit wrong, can lead to undesirable and even dangerous behavior [

Cardiologist-Level Arrhythmia Detection With Convolutional Neural Netw... 702 retweets

Technical details on our Deep Learning+ECG (detecting irregular heartbeats/arrhythmia) work:

AlphaStar: Mastering the Real-Time Strategy Game StarCraft II 701 retweets

StarCraft, considered to be one of the most challenging Real-Time Strategy games and one of the longest-played esports of all time, has emerged by consensus as a “grand challenge” for AI research. Here, we introduce our StarCraft II program AlphaStar...

Google AI Blog: Looking Back at Google’s Research Efforts in 2018 698 retweets

On behalf of the whole Google Research & GoogleAI community, I was excited to put together a post describing some of the work that we collectively did in 2018. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to everyone who helped make this work possible!

Practical Deep Learning for Coders, v3 696 retweets

After months of work, it's done! Presenting the "Deep Learning For Coders" MOOC 18 hours of lessons, all free

Cardiologist-level arrhythmia detection and classification in ambulato... 681 retweets

Our new paper in Nature Medicine! Cardiologist-level arrhythmia detection from ECG, using deep learning. I'm very optimistic about such technology helping patients. awnihannun, pranavrajpurkar, leftbundle, GeoffTison iRhythmTech

Competitive Self-Play 677 retweets

We've found that self-play allows simulated AIs to discover physical skills like tackling, ducking, faking, kicking, catching, and diving for the ball, without explicitly designing an environment with these skills in mind.

Gym: A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning alg... 672 retweets

Gym: A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms

Imperial launches one of world's first online Masters in Machine Learn... 669 retweets

Imperial College imperialcollege is launching an online Masters degree in Machine Learning with coursera. This is exciting! Given the huge global demand for machine learning engineers, the world needs a lot more degree programs in AI and ML.

WaveNet: A Generative Model for Raw Audio 669 retweets

This post presents WaveNet, a deep generative model of raw audio waveforms. We show that WaveNets are able to generate speech which mimics any human voice and which sounds more natural than the best existing Text-to-Speech systems, reducing the gap w...

Improving Palliative Care with Deep Learning 669 retweets

Improving the quality of end-of-life care for hospitalized patients is a priority for healthcare organizations. Studies have shown that physicians tend to over-estimate prognoses, which in combination with treatment inertia results in a mismatch betw...

CheXNet: Radiologist-Level Pneumonia Detection on Chest X-Rays with D... 658 retweets

We develop an algorithm that can detect pneumonia from chest X-rays at a level exceeding practicing radiologists. Our algorithm, CheXNet, is a 121-layer convolutional neural network trained on ChestX-ray14, currently the largest publicly available ch...

Visual Attribute Transfer through Deep Image Analogy 654 retweets

We propose a new technique for visual attribute transfer across images that may have very different appearance but have perceptually similar semantic structure. By visual attribute transfer, we mean transfer of visual information (such as color, tone...

One Model To Learn Them All 651 retweets

Deep learning yields great results across many fields, from speech recognition, image classification, to translation. But for each problem, getting a deep model to work well involves research into the architecture and a long period of tuning. We pres...

If you're interested in autonomous vehicles, Microsoft has released a ... 630 retweets

If you're interested in autonomous vehicles, Microsoft has released a tutorial (with complete Keras code) for training an end-to-end driving model in the AirSim simulation environment:

play Demonstrating the visual search task on Psych... 630 retweets

Understanding an agent’s specific cognitive skill set may prove useful for improving its overall performance, but the complexity of a tasks in AI research can often make it difficult to tease apart individual skills. We believe it is possible to dr...

Open-sourcing PyText for faster NLP development 620 retweets

PyText: Industrial-strength open source NLP package from Facebook AI: develop NLP models on PyTorch and deploy through ONNX. Pre-trained models for text classification, sequence tagging, joint intent-slot...

Learning Dexterity 617 retweets

A real robot hand, trained with same learning algorithm and code as OpenAI Five, has learned human-like motions to rotate objects:

Salesforce Research 616 retweets

Very excited to announce the natural language decathlon benchmark and the first single joint deep learning model to do well on ten different nlp tasks including question answering, translation, summarization, sentiment analysis, ++

Introducing Machine Learning Practica 607 retweets

When I was a graduate student in cognitive science, I spent countless hours poring over videos and transcripts of natural language, looking for patterns in the data that could help me better understand how people learn words, concepts, and categories...

The implausibility of intelligence explosion 592 retweets

In 1965, I. J. Good described for the first time the notion of “intelligence explosion”, as it relates to artificial intelligence (AI): Decades later, the concept of an “intelligence explosion” —…

Real-time Human Pose Estimation in the Browser with TensorFlowjs 592 retweets

Posted by: Dan Oved, freelance creative technologist at Google Creative Lab, graduate student at ITP, NYU. Editing and illustrations: Irene Alvarado, creative technologist and Alexis Gallo…

Nevergrad: An open source tool for derivative-free optimization 589 retweets

We are open-sourcing Nevergrad, a Python3 library that makes it easier to perform gradient-free optimizations used in many machine learning tasks.

Cloud AutoML: Making AI accessible to every business 573 retweets

Today, Google Cloud is announcing the first of many AutoML products, AutoML Vision. It's the result of close collaboration between the Google Brain and Cloud AI teams. Automatically solve vision problems to high accuracy with no ML expertise requi...

AI•ON: Artificial Intelligence Open Network 553 retweets

Introducing the Artificial Intelligence Open Network: a 100% open-source AI research community.

Robots that Learn 548 retweets

We've created a robotics system, trained entirely in simulation and deployed on a physical robot, which can learn a new task after seeing it done once.