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Elon Musk Calls Bitcoin 'Brilliant,' Better Than Paper Money for Value... 3731 retweets

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has officially gone public with his belief cryptocurrency offers an improved alternative to conventional money.

Our path to listing SEC-regulated crypto securities 3531 retweets

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re on track to become a US-regulated blockchain securities trading venue. We believe this is an important moment not only for Coinbase, but the entire crypto ecosystem.

XRP is now available to trade on Coinbase Pro (Updated) 2914 retweets

When XRP?? Now! XRP/USD, XRP/EUR, and XRP/BTC order books will soon enter transfer-only mode, accepting inbound transfers of XRP in supported regions. Orders cannot be placed or filled. Order books will be in transfer-only mode for a minimum of 12 ho...

Bitcoin SegWit update – The Coinbase Blog 2630 retweets

Our engineering team has begun the final testing phase of SegWit for Bitcoin on Coinbase. SegWit compatible Bitcoin sends/receives will be available for customers in the next few weeks. We previously wrote about SegWit on our blog:

Buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase 2608 retweets

We’re excited to announce that customers will be able to buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase. You can read more about Bitcoin Cash on our FAQ page. Sends and receives are available…

Coinbase Commerce — the Easiest Way for Merchants to Accept Digital Cu... 2083 retweets

We’re excited to announce Coinbase Commerce, available today for merchants around the world. Merchants everywhere can use Coinbase Commerce to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin…

Coinbase supports a variety of the most popular digital currencies 1410 retweets

Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Based in the USA, Coinbase is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our process for adding new assets 1398 retweets

We wanted to give our customers details about our process for adding new assets to our trading platform. Our mission is to be the most trusted and easy-to-use digital currency exchange. We believe…

Fidelity Is Launching a Crypto Trading Platform 1380 retweets

Fidelity Investments, one of the world's largest financial services providers, is launching a crypto trading and storage platform.

Deep Chain Reorganization Detected on Ethereum Classic (ETC) 1262 retweets

On 1/5/2019, Coinbase detected a deep chain reorganization of the Ethereum Classic blockchain that included a double spend. In order to protect customer funds, we immediately paused movements of these funds on the ETC blockchain. Read more here:

Ethereum 20 — Who’s building it? 1261 retweets

Once delivered, Ethereum 2.0 will support massive on-chain transaction throughput, while balancing decentralisation and security. With this foundation, Ethereum has the potential to be: Additionally…

Binance Users Can Now Pay for Crypto With Credit Cards 1240 retweets

Top crypto exchange Binance now lets customers purchase some cryptocurrencies using Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Confirmed: Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Futures Will Launch in 'First Half' of 201... 1224 retweets

The world’s second largest stock exchange Nasdaq has confirmed it plans to launch Bitcoin futures in the first half of 2019.

The rise of crypto in higher education 1219 retweets

CoinbaseReports: 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one course on cryptocurrency or blockchain Stanford tops the list with the highest number. cryptooncampus

ZRX is now available to trade on Coinbase Pro (Updated) 1203 retweets

ZRX is launching on Coinbase Pro! The ZRX/USD, ZRX/BTC, and ZRX/EUR order books have entered transfer-only mode. Traders can deposit ZRX, but cannot yet place or fill orders. Order books will remain in transfer-only mode for at least 12 hours.

Ripple's XRP: Giving the Third-Largest Cryptocurrency a Second Look 1147 retweets

“Ripple is highly centralized & XRP is more akin to a PayPal account than a trustless system like bitcoin.... It's hard to come up w any rational reason why XRP exists in the Ripple protocol, other than as a means for Ripple to make money. Lots o...

Elon Musk: Bitcoin Has ‘Quite Brilliant’ Structure, Paper Money is Goi... 1134 retweets

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Bitcoin is “a far better way to transfer value than pieces of paper,” during an interview on the advisory services firm ARK Invest’s podcast.

Want to partner with Apto? helloaptopaymentsc 1124 retweets

FYI: Coinbase's Shift Visa debit card can be linked to any wallet in your Coinbase account. So in addition to BTC, it can be set up to deduct from your LTC (or ETH/BCH) wallet. PayWithLitecoin

Coinbase Index Fund is Open For Investment 1105 retweets

We’ve seen overwhelming interest from investors since we announced the fund earlier this year. At this stage, we have opened the fund to those who wish to invest $250,000 to $20M. Coinbase Index Fund…

A Visual History of Token Sales, Jan 2014-Aug 2018: Bubble Chart 1083 retweets

Super cool motion histogram: history of ICO's and token sales

Major German Stock Exchange to Launch Crypto Trading Platform 1051 retweets

Germany’s second-largest stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart, is set to launch crypto trading in H1 2019, with ICO token trading coming later.

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 Will Include Private Crypto Key Storage 1021 retweets

The Galaxy S10 will feature the "Samsung Knox," a secure storage solution to hold private crypto keys.

Nasdaq to Add Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices to Global Data Service 969 retweets

Nasdaq, the second-largest stock exchange in the world, is adding bitcoin and ethereum indices to its global data service later this month.

Buying bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with British pound... 908 retweets

Starting today, Coinbase customers in the UK will be able to seamlessly move GBP in and out of their accounts using the Faster Payments service. In most cases, this will mean almost instant access to funds. 🇬🇧

Announcing SegWit support on Coinbase 891 retweets

We’re excited to announce support for Bitcoin Segregated Witness (SegWit) transactions on Coinbase. Over the next week, we will be gradually enabling SegWit compatible Bitcoin sends and receives for…

Announcing the Coinbase Suite of Institutional Products 887 retweets

Today we're announcing the Coinbase suite of institutional products. As institutions continue to enter the cryptocurrency market, we are committed to building the products and services that uniquely meet their needs.

Why Bitcoin is Different – Jimmy Song – Medium 848 retweets

If you’re new to the Bitcoin space, the last few months have been pretty crazy. There have been some steep climbs and heart-stopping drops making for a roller coaster of emotion that’s not easily…

EU Blockchain Group Launches With SWIFT, Ripple Onboard 806 retweets

Over 100 firms including SWIFT, IBM and Ripple have joined a blockchain association officially launched by the European Commission on Wednesday.

Celebrate the 12 days of Coinbase with special announcements each day ... 797 retweets

Starting today, you can convert one crypto to another on Coinbase. Conversions are available between Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), 0x (ZRX), or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It's Day 8 of 12 Days of Coinbase. Learn...

Major Swiss Stock Exchange SIX Lists World’s First Multi-Crypto ETP Am... 754 retweets

The fourth largest European stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, will list the world’s first multi-crypto exchange-traded product next week.

Your Crypto Everywhere | LiteIM 748 retweets

A bear market is the best time for people to work on adoption. Check out Send and recieve LTC on telegram. Eventually, it will support SMS also. Great work ztxrepublic team! 👏 We build it and they will come. Adoption is key!

Earn cryptocurrency while learning about new digital assets 705 retweets

Today, we're launching Coinbase Earn, a new way to earn crypto while learning about digital assets. With Coinbase Earn, the idea is for users to learn about an asset’s utility and its underlying technology, while getting a bit of the asset to try out...

Programming the Open Blockchain 698 retweets

"Mastering Bitcoin 2nd Edition" has now been re-released under a completely open license - CC-BY-SA. Under the new license, you can create derivatives (translations, workshops, courses, etc) and publish commercially or non-commercially.

PayPal Makes Its First-Ever Investment in a Blockchain Startup 695 retweets

JUST IN: Online payments giant PayPal has taken a stake in Cambridge Blockchain – its first investment in the blockchain space. Reporting by IanAllison123

Tim Draper Predicts Crypto Will Rule, Only Criminals Will Use Cash in ... 677 retweets

Bitcoin bull Tim Draper said that cash will be used only by criminals in five years, while crypto will become widespread.

a16z crypto 675 retweets

a16z crypto

Wyoming Passes Bill to Recognize Cryptocurrencies as Money 673 retweets

Wyoming legislature passed a bill to allow for the regulation and recognition of cryptocurrencies as money.

Who Controls Bitcoin Core? – Jameson Lopp – Medium 653 retweets

A deep dive into Bitcoin Core’s security practices to distribute and minimize its power.

Fortnite Merchandise Store Starts ’Exclusively’ Accepting Monero as Pa... 643 retweets

Popular video game Fortnite has started accepting privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero as a payment option at it’s online store.



Zcash (ZEC) is launching on Coinbase Pro 619 retweets

ZEC is launching on Coinbase Pro. Starting at 10am PT, customers can transfer ZEC into their Coinbase Pro account. Traders can deposit ZEC, but cannot place or fill orders. Order books will remain in transfer-only mode for at least 12 hours.

EU Blockchain Group Launches With SWIFT, Ripple Onboard 612 retweets

SWIFT, IBM, Ripple and around 100 other firms and organizations have joined a new blockchain association to promote adoption of the technology across the EU.

Top 50 cryptocurrency prices | Coinbase 609 retweets

The journey to an open financial system begins with awareness. That’s why we’re launching informational asset pages for the top 50 crypto assets by market cap.

Square Is Hiring New Crypto Engineers — And It Wants to Pay Them in Bi... 608 retweets

Payments startup Square wants to bring on crypto-focused engineers and designers, and may pay them in bitcoin, jack tweeted Wednesday.

Nasdaq to Add Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices to Global Data Service 599 retweets

Nasdaq, the second-largest stock exchange in the world, is adding bitcoin and ethereum indices to its global data service later this month.

This Bitcoin Developer Is About to Take on the Mining Hardware Industr... 541 retweets

BtcDrak, the most active pseudonymous Bitcoin Core contributor to date, is making a move into the mining hardware industry. The developer, who besides having contributed to the Bitcoin Core repository also maintains bitcoincore.org and the Bitcoin Co...

A Blockchain based Financial Ecosystem 532 retweets

A cryptocurrency-Backed Loan Platform. Stable coin. Exchange service. Use Bitcoin or Ether as collateral and leverage your cryptocurrency to get stable currency for your needs.

Crypto Platform Tron Hires Former SEC Attorney as First Chief of Compl... 527 retweets

The ex-SEC attorney David Labhart will also act as co-general counsel for the platform.

Litecoin Fees to lower by 10x in next Core Release 521 retweets

The upcoming release of Litecoin Core 0.17 is about to lower network fees by a factor of 10. The average transaction fee as it stands on the network is Ł0.001 per KB or ~$0.05. With the announced…

Swiss Exchange to List XRP Exchange-Traded Investment Product 519 retweets

JUST IN: Swiss stock exchange SIX will soon list an XRP-based ETP from Amun AG, with other crypto products planned for later in 2019. sixgroup

Nasdaq Begins Listing Brave New Coin’s Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Indi... 519 retweets

Nasdaq partnership launched as scheduled, as Brave New Coin puts the finishing touches to a third index tracking Ripple’s XRP.

Google Search Requests for ‘Bitcoin’ Tripled During Recent Price Surge 514 retweets

The number of Google search requests for "Bitcoin" nearly tripled during the recent price spike.

12 Reasons Bitcoin Cash is the Real Bitcoin 513 retweets

"Bitcoin Cash is everything that Bitcoin was supposed to be, before it was taken over by a small group of radically minded “Core developers”, largely through propaganda and censorship."

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Says Bitcoin Will Test $10,000 in 2019 508 retweets

CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX Arthus Hayes has suggested that Bitcoin will get back to $10,000 this year.

Indonesia Officially Recognizes Bitcoin as a Commodity 503 retweets

Regulators in Indonesia have finally recognized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as commodities, thus providing legal backing for trading virtual Regulators in Indonesia have finally recognized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as commodities, thu...

How to secure your digital currency 502 retweets

With the prices of digital currency on the rise, it’s more important than ever to take steps to help keep your digital currency safe. Here are a few things you can do to protect your funds:

Fidelity Says Its Crypto Trading and Storage Platform Is in 'Final Tes... 490 retweets

Fidelity Digital Asset Services is in its "final testing" phase, the company said in a blog post Thursday.

Please invest responsibly — an important message from the Coinbase tea... 486 retweets

We at Coinbase couldn’t be more excited by the explosion of interest in digital currencies. The last few weeks has seen an unprecedented increase in the price of digital currencies. More people are…

New Proposed ETF Would Mix Bitcoin Futures With Sovereign Debt 480 retweets

JUST IN: An ETF proposal filed Monday would invest in bitcoin futures and sovereign debt of several developed countries.

Just a Month after LitePay ‘Breakup’ 475 retweets

Promising Litecoin payment processing platform Litepay has vanished, but TenX and Korbit have stepped up to fill the void.

Bitcoin Is World’s Best Performing Asset Class Over Past 10 Years, Say... 471 retweets

Anthony Pompliano, partner at crypto investment firm Morgan Creek Digital Assets, says Bitcoin will likely fall to 85 percent below its all-time-highs, to around $3,000.

I was wrong about Ethereum 465 retweets

I was wrong about Ethereum because it’s such a decentra… nope. I was wrong about Ethereum because everyone is using it as a supercomputer… No. But, then again I wrongly assumed that no startup would…

Blockchain Governance: Programming Our Future 458 retweets

This post describes why blockchain governance design is one of the most important problems out there, its critical components, current approaches, potential future approaches, and concludes with…

Segwit2x Final Steps 457 retweets

[Bitcoin-segwit2x] Segwit2x Final Steps

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is launching on Coinbase Pro 457 retweets

Inbound transfers for XLM are now available in the regions where trading is supported. Traders cannot place orders and no orders will be filled. Order books will be in transfer-only mode for a minimum of 12 hours.

Welcoming Neutrino to Coinbase – The Coinbase Blog 453 retweets

Today we're announcing Coinbase has acquired Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence platform. Neutrino's technology is the best we've encountered, and will play an important role in legitimizing crypto, making it safer and more accessible for everyone.

ICO Quality: Development & Trading 443 retweets

In a recent study, we’ve attempted to classify ICO’s by quality. This encompasses the lifecycle of an ICO, from the original proposal of fundraising availability through to the most mature phase of…

Announcing Lightning Loop Alpha: An Easier Way to Receive on Lightning 440 retweets

Announcing the alpha release of Lightning Loop, a non-custodial service that makes it easier to receive bitcoin on Lightning. With Loop, users can get inbound capacity and withdraw from Lightning while keeping channels open. 🔁 Read more and try it...

Litecoin Takes to the UFC Octagon in New Sponsorship Deal 437 retweets

The litecoin logo is to take prime place in the Octagon at an Ultimate Fighting Championship event this Saturday.

Institutions Still Bullish On Crypto: Grayscale Owns 1% of All Bitcoin 437 retweets

Even amid a market downtrend, Grayscale has continued to buff its crypto coffers, accumulating 30,000 BTC to now own 1% of all bitcoin in circulation.