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Every Linux networking tool I know Do you ever feel like there ar... 3861 retweets

every linux networking tool I know (PDF poster:

Linux Performance 1569 retweets

A collection of documents, slides, and videos about Linux performance, mostly created by Brendan Gregg, and with a focus on performance analysis.

Bite size linux! 1188 retweets

Confused about what a system call is? Heard the term "file descriptor" but not sure what it means? This zine is for you!! It has 19 important Linux concepts, each explained with a simple 1-page comic. You'll learn about threads, permissions, processe...

I wrote a blog post on what I think it means to be a distinguished eng... 964 retweets

I wrote a blog post on what I think it means to be a distinguished engineer or technical fellow.

Bite size command line! 774 retweets

Puzzled by ps? Flummoxed by find? Always wondered about awk? The Bite Size Command Line zine is here to help! Every page takes a command line tool and explains the most important things to know about it. What's in the zine. You'll get a 24-page PDF t...

CPU Utilization is Wrong 649 retweets

CPU Utilization is Wrong

New zine: Profiling & tracing with perf!! 565 retweets

New zine: Profiling & tracing with perf!! - Julia Evans

Announcing Prometheus 20 | Prometheus 514 retweets

An open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time series database and modern alerting approach.

bpftrace (DTrace 20) for Linux 2018 497 retweets

new post: bpftrace (DTrace 2.0) for Linux 2018. Repo just made public!

Portable Cloud Programming with Go Cloud 494 retweets

📣Announcing: Portable Cloud Programming with Go Cloud ☁ A library and tools for developing on the open cloud ☁ OpenSource CloudComputing

Linux 419-rc4 released, an apology, and a maintainership note 476 retweets

Wow. Linus admits his behavior was hurting people and Linux, recognizes being an asshole does not scale, apologizes, and takes time off to work on himself. Hopefully others who looked up to his behavior can take the occasion for similar introspectio...

Free Ebook: Distributed Systems Observability 465 retweets

In this practical e-book, author Cindy Sridharan examines new monitoring tools that, while promising, bring their own set of technical and organizational challenges. Download your copy today!

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery 457 retweets

Linux load averages explained, including why they include the uninterruptible I/O sleep state.

Google Careers 427 retweets

The Go team here in Cambridge, MA is looking to hire an engineer to work on the Go compiler. I'm particularly concerned to make sure our job postings are reaching underrepresented groups that might not otherwise see them. Please forward. Thanks!

Velocity 2015 linux perf tools 420 retweets

Video: and . Tutorial slides for O'Reilly Velocity SC 2015, by Brendan …

Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and mor... 406 retweets

GitHub - iovisor/bcc: BCC - Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and more

Half a decade with Go - The Go Blog 404 retweets

Today we celebrate five years of Go! golang

Windows Server 2019 will feature Linux and Kubernetes support 395 retweets

Microsoft announced today that it will launch the next major release of Windows Server later this year with better support for hybrid workloads, Linux workloads, and hyper-converged infrastructure. This release will succeed Windows Server 2016, which...

Go fonts - The Go Blog 383 retweets

Introducing a new type family called Go, designed specifically for Go programming: golang

Help! I have a manager! 363 retweets

Ever felt confused about what your manager's job is? Don't know how to communicate with them? Want to get promoted but aren't sure how it works? This zine gives you a few tips for how to work together with your manager better! It explains how you and...

Learn eBPF Tracing: Tutorial and Examples 358 retweets

new post, and perhaps a new year's resolution: Learn eBPF Tracing -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Hard fork of jteeuwen/go-bindata because it disappeared, Please refer... 346 retweets

📢 GOLANG WARNING go-bindata creator deleted their github account and someone else created a new account with the same name. There's no guarantees that the new user has good intentions, so if you're using the repository make sure you verify it fir...

I'm giving up on PGP 342 retweets

After years of wrestling GnuPG with varying levels of enthusiasm, I came to the conclusion that it's just not worth it, and I'm giving up. At least on the concept of long term PGP keys. This is not about the gpg tool itself, or about tools at all. Ma...

KPTI/KAISER Meltdown Initial Performance Regressions 317 retweets

new post: KPTI/KAISER Meltdown Initial Performance Regressions

Good Vibes Are Contagious | Outside Online 316 retweets

Sitting within 25 feet of a high performer at work improved an employee’s performance by 15 percent. But sitting within 25 feet of a low performer hurt their performance by 30 percent.

Why is HashiCorp committed to open source? 299 retweets

I was asked in a sales meeting why Vault is open source, and this was a fun coincidence… HashiCorp is committed to open source, more on why here:

Solaris to Linux Migration 2017 298 retweets

new post: Solaris to Linux Migration, 2017

On Being A Principal Engineer 296 retweets

The manager’s pathI bought and read The Manager’s Path by the awesome Camille Fournier when it first came out. At the time, I was a senior Database Engineer aspiring to become a principal engineer ...

Linux BPF Superpowers 281 retweets

Linux BPF Superpowers: a talk by Brendan Gregg of Netflix at Facebook's PerformanceScale event about Linux enhanced BPF (aka eBPF) for performance analysis.

Getting to Go: The Journey of Go's Garbage Collector 273 retweets

The new Go blog post by Rick Hudson is a fascinating story about the work on the garbage collector. A really good read.

CVE-2019-5736: runc container breakout (all versions) 272 retweets

There is a serious CVE in runc there will be Docker updates imminently running a hostile container can get code execution on the host.

HashiCorp Consul 12: Service Mesh 268 retweets

Announcing Consul Connect, a new feature built-in to Consul for secure service-to-service communication. Upgrade to the latest version of Consul, add a few lines of config, and you're done: mutual TLS between any two services. It's that easy.

Linux tracing systems & how they fit together 268 retweets

blog post: linux tracing systems & how they fit together

How To Fix AWS Lambda Cold Start Issues 262 retweets

Are people really pinging their Serverless functions every 5 minutes to avoid cold starts? I thought scaling to zero and only paying for what you use was the main selling point.

Titus, the Netflix container management platform, is now open source 260 retweets

by Amit Joshi, Andrew Leung, Corin Dwyer, Fabio Kung, Sargun Dhillon, Tomasz Bak, Andrew Spyker, Tim Bozarth Titus powers critical aspects of the Netflix business, from video streaming…

Linux Extended BPF (eBPF) Tracing Tools 255 retweets

Linux eBPF tracing tools, showing static and dynamic tracing with extended BPF and the open source bcc collection of tools.

Seven years of Go - The Go Blog 246 retweets

Go was announced seven years ago today. Seven years! I remember the day vividly. (And warmly) Thanks to all.

Being Glue (Newer slides at 239 retweets

This is the old version of these slides. The newer ones are at Your job title says "engineer", but you seem to spend most of your time …

List Statistics | TOP500 Supercomputer Sites 237 retweets

It happened. Linux rules the Top500 supercomputer Nov 2017 list, published today

MeetBSD CA: Performance Analysis of BSD 228 retweets

MeetBSD California: Video and slides from my Performance Analysis of BSD talk, covering methodology and tools, with a focus on FreeBSD.

Bite size command line! 226 retweets

Puzzled by ps? Flummoxed by find? Always wondered about awk? The Bite Size Command Line zine is here to help! Every page takes a command line tool and explains the most important things to know about it. What's in the zine. You'll get a 24-page PDF t...

Rancher Labs Introduces Lightweight Distribution of Kubernetes to Simp... 218 retweets

I like the way rancher_labs has taken a fresh look at Kubernetes by removing, not adding, features to focus on running in low-resource computing environments such a retail stores and telco facilities.

Dynamic tracing tools for Linux: 214 retweets

Dynamic tracing tools for Linux: - the new homepage for bcc/BPF

Profiling & tracing with perf 210 retweets

Want to get better at profiling & tracing your programs on Linux? `perf` is a super useful tool, but it's fairly complicated and I found it hard to get started with. Over the last 4 years, I've learned a lot about how perf works, and I've compressed ...

So I lost my OpenBSD FDE password 203 retweets

The other day I set up a new OpenBSD instance with a nice RAID array, encrypted with Full Disk Encryption. And promptly proceeded to forget part of the passphrase. We know things get interesting when I lose a password. I did a weak attempt at finding...

USENIX/LISA 2016 Linux bcc/BPF Tools 200 retweets

new blog post: USENIX/LISA 2016 Linux bcc/BPF Tools

CPU utilization is wrong, says Netflix's Brendan Gregg 199 retweets

My CPU utilization is WRONG lightning talk from SCALE16x, with a surprise ending relevant to everyone in 2018 opensourceway

Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development 197 retweets

I don't run Kubernetes locally, but I do depend on services running in remote clusters. I either extract service IPs, or set up port forwarding, and keep my existing workflow. kubefwd is the tool I've been missing.

Standalone, daemon-less, unprivileged Dockerfile and OCI compatible c... 194 retweets

if you want containers without docker and the daemon, you can do `img pull myimage` and then a `runc create` and `runc start` and use my netns tool for networking and boom

DTrace for Linux 2016 184 retweets

DTrace for Linux 2016: announcing a major milestone: the final kernel capabilities have merged in Linux 4.9-rc1 to enhanced BPF (eBPF) to provide an advanced programmable dynamic tracer similar to DTrace.

okay nerds, here's kernel shit weekly (it will be better in the coming... 182 retweets

okay nerds, here's kernel shit weekly (it will be better in the coming weeks this was just 30min initial dump)

Networking! ACK! Read online ... 177 retweets

also if you're excited about learning about networking I have a free zine explaining basic networking concepts like TCP/HTTP/TLS/DNS

Prometheus reaches 10 | Prometheus 172 retweets

An open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time series database and modern alerting approach.

The Future of Kubernetes Is Serverless 169 retweets

From the beginning of the container revolution two things have become clear: First, the decoupling of the layers in the technology stack are producing a clean, principled layering of concepts with clear contracts, ownership and responsibility. Second...

How to guide on running HashiCorp's Vault on Google Kubernetes Engine 150 retweets

Vault is so much easier to manage when you automate the initialization process and leverage an object store for persistence. Here's how I do that on gcpcloud and Kubernetes.

SREcon 2016 Performance Checklists for SREs 150 retweets

Talk from SREcon2016 by Brendan Gregg. Video: . "There's limited time for performance ana…

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Bringing the best of serverless to you 149 retweets

Google Cloud Functions adding support for functions packaged as container images will help remove barriers for those looking to adopt Serverless without giving up their favorite language runtimes and frameworks. GoogleNext18

Container Performance Analysis 148 retweets

slides for my DockerCon talk on Container Performance Analysis (in 3 mins)

A HashiCorp Vault UI written with VueJS and Vault native Go API 148 retweets

GitHub - Caiyeon/goldfish: A HashiCorp Vault UI written with VueJS and Vault native Go API

Netflix at Velocity 2015: Linux Performance Tools 147 retweets

…top, ps, vmstat, iostat, mpstat, free, strace, tcpdump, netstat, nicstat, pidstat, swapon, lsof, sar, ss, iptraf, iotop, slaptop, pcstat, tiptop, rdmsr, lmbench, fio, pchar, perf_events, ftrace…

Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds 147 retweets

In this post, the Netflix Performance Engineering team will show you the first 60 seconds of an optimized performance investigation at the command line, using standard Linux tools.

Red Hat to Acquire CoreOS, Expanding its Kubernetes and Containers Lea... 145 retweets

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CoreOS, Inc., an innovator and leader in Kubernetes and container-native solutions, for a purchase ...

How Netflix Tunes EC2 Instances for Performance 145 retweets

CMP325 talk for AWS re:Invent 2017, by Brendan Gregg. " At Netflix we make the best use of AWS EC2 instance types and features to create a high performance clo…

A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certifi... 142 retweets

Psst, want to beta-test a new tool to generate locally-trusted certificates? Sign your own localhost or whatever​.com certificate! Automagic installation. Looking for CLI feedback. macOS only right now 🍎 (Linux is sooo fragmented, it will take me ...

HashiCorp Packer 10 141 retweets

We're announcing HashiCorp Packer 1.0. Packer is a tool for building images for cloud platforms, virtual machines, containers, and more from a single source configuration. Packer ...

RDS Performance Degradation 140 retweets

hey -- remember this outage from a few months ago? well we loaded the production data into a sandbox, and now you can play with honeycomb your very own self. see if you can find the cause of the outage faster than we did!! 🐝

Google Cloud Platform 139 retweets

In the last few years, I found myself giving advice to a ton of companies who are on Google Cloud about the basics to consider when going to production. Based on production-readiness good practices…

The slides for my "Go in Go" talk from gopherfest 2015: golang 138 retweets

The slides for my "Go in Go" talk from gopherfest 2015:

An Introduction to Go (CERN) - Speaker Deck 134 retweets

A three-parts talk, each of one hour, covering the basic aspects of Go including type system, concurrency, standard library, and tooling. There was a lot of live coding on days 2 and 3, so those will seem quite light in content. Videos will be pub...

Preventing Machine Learning Bias 132 retweets

Machine learning algorithms are increasingly used to make decisions around assessing employee performance and turnover, identifying and preventing recidivism, and assessing job suitability. These…