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Native image lazy-loading for the web! 7235 retweets

Addy Osmani is an engineering manager at Google working on Chrome. He is author of open-source projects like Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. He has also written books like Learning JavaScript Design Patterns with O'Reilly.

JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome 972 retweets

Addy Osmani is an engineering manager at Google working on Chrome. He is author of open-source projects like Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. He has also written books like Learning JavaScript Design Patterns with O'Reilly.

Minify and compress network payloads with brotli 902 retweets

New: Learn how to add Brotli compression to your site: ~ Brotli can shave off up to 25% more bytes than Gzip and is widely supported by browsers.

Site Kit by Google 840 retweets

Got a WordPress site? Sign up to beta test Site Kit: — our new free WordPress plugin that integrates essential Google products: Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights.

Lazy Loading Images and Video 555 retweets

If your site has a ton of images and video, but you don't want to cut down on any of it, lazy loading might be just the technique you need to improve initial page load time and lower per-page payload.

Building the Google Photos Web UI 529 retweets

Building the Google Photos Web UI: — turns out, a "simple" photo grid ain't so simple and a performant grid is no small feat! An awesome under the hood look at the magic behind Google Photos layout.

Google Search Console 470 retweets

URL inspection tool 🔍 is now available for everyone! You can start inspecting your URLs by visiting the new Search Console - 👇

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Update 467 retweets

Announcing screamingfrog SEO Spider 10.0 - Update includes - 🐸 Scheduling 🐸 CLI (& --Headless Mode) 🐸 XML Sitemap Crawl Integration 🐸 Link Score 🐸 Visualisations 🐸 AMP Crawling & Validation & lots more. Hope you like it.

A Pinterest Progressive Web App Performance Case Study 413 retweets

Pinterest’s new mobile web experience is a Progressive Web App. In this post we’ll cover some of their work to load fast on mobile hardware by keeping JavaScript bundles lean and adopting Service…

Google Image best practices - Search Console Help 395 retweets

We just updated our Google Images best practices guide -- check it out for additional information on sitemaps, supported formats, and responsive images:

Win Screaming Frog T-Shirts | Screaming Frog 385 retweets

It's time for another giveway. This time you have the chance to win a very cool Screaming Frog tee.If you're looking to keep cool this summer and proudly display your inner SEO, these are the t-sh

Let's build the future of the web 370 retweets

New mobile friendly📱 SEO audit in the ____lighthouse Chrome extension and on - tap target spacing! Tap targets (links, buttons) need extra space around them so taps don't accidentally hit neighboring targets. Audit landing in ChromeDevTools in...

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Update 359 retweets

Announcing screamingfrog SEO Spider 9.0- 😱 Crawl millions of URLs with configurable database storage. 🐸 In-app memory management. 🕷️ Store & view raw & rendered HTML. 🍻 Custom headers. & lots more. Hope you like it.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Introducing Rich Results & the... 298 retweets

We've created a new structured data / rich results tester, starting with a few types of data. Check it out, it's pretty nice!

A Technical SEO Guide to Lighthouse Performance Metrics 297 retweets

While Google doesn't use most 3rd-party metrics, we DO use speed as a search ranking factor. To learn how to get those numbers, check out Jammer_Volts 's *fantastic* article on how to use Lighthouse & what those numbers mean.

Search Console API 283 retweets

If you're using the Search Console Search Analytics API, you now have access to all 16 months of data provided in the UI! If you'd like to integrate the data with your CMS or make your own tools, check out our docs at

An SEO’s guide to site architecture - Builtvisible 276 retweets

Damn - you know I like site architecture for SEO. This is one the most articulate+detailed updated guides I've seen on specific tactics and implementation: "An SEO’s guide to site architecture" by richardbaxter

My new chapter: joining Google to better explain search & help bridge ... 275 retweets

I'm joining Google to help public better know how search works & help Google better hear public feedback & improve.

How to Succeed at Google SEO: 10 Critical Factors​ 268 retweets

How to Succeed at Google SEO - 10 Critical Factors: 1) Targets User Search Queries 2) Crawlable + Accessible 3) Quality & Quantity of Links 4) Satisfies User Intent 5) Uniqueness 6) E-A-T! 7) Freshness 8) CTR 9) Speed 10) Built for Multiple Devic...

Google Image best practices - Search Console Help 264 retweets

Google Images is a way to visually discover information on the web. Users can quickly explore information with more context aro

Tout Google avec un seul compte 238 retweets

We hope you don't need to use a Security Issues tab 🔐 in the new Search console, but if you do - this tool helps you find & fix 🛠 hacking & malware on your website

Test your site speed automatically with Speed Demon 238 retweets

This is cool: • Automate your web page speed testing using Google Sheets • Set tests to run weekly • Send alerts automatically to yourself, team, or clients Cost: Free ht henshaw

Get verified to manage your presence on Google 228 retweets

We've made it easier for people and organizations to claim their Knowledge Panels on Google. Learn more about getting verified and how to suggest changes, including your own featured image:

The Future of SEO Has Never Been Clearer (nor more ignored) 220 retweets

I can't recall a time over the past fifteen years where the next five years in the world of search engines and SEO seemed as clear and obvious as they do

15 Site Architecture Tips for Performance SEO: Master Guide 219 retweets

If you need to move the needle on website traffic and conversions, Site Architecture is often one of the most effective SEO levers available in your toolkit. And yet, very few SEOs leverage it to its full advantage. Below is a large, established webs...

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Dynamic Rendering with Rendert... 217 retweets

📣Wanna know how to implement dynamic rendering with Rendertron to help crawlers 🤖 with your javascript (e.g. react, angular or vue) app with seo? Our blog has got you covered: 🥳

Google PageSpeed Insights Report Revamped & Includes Lighthouse Data 216 retweets

Google seems to have just rolled out a redesign for their Google PageSpeed Insights tool. The new design shows a lot more graphical reporting, the speed score uses lab data analyzed by Lighthouse and Google is showing a lot more detail. In addition, ...

For a faster, leaner loading experience 216 retweets

Announcing Lite Pages for Chrome: ~ a faster loading experience for users on *very* slow networks. Opt-in via Data Saver for smarter server pre-rendering & prioritization of page sub-resources. Works on HTTPS.

The Element Visibility Trigger In Google Tag Manager 213 retweets

NEW! The coolest addition to GoogleTagManager EVER: The Element Visibility Trigger

Making visual content more useful in Search 209 retweets

Two announced changes to Google's Image Search Algorithm: 1) Authority/Topical Relevance of webpage is a bigger ranking factor 2) Sites where "image is central to the page, and higher up on the page" are prioritized

Scraper - Chrome Web Store 202 retweets

How to Scrape “People also search for” from Google Results: Install Chrome Scraper Extension: Use this Xpath: //div[contains( id,'eobd_')]/div (Remove space after symbol)

Technical SEO in the wild: Real-world issues and fixes 199 retweets

My newest article for sengineland is about real-world technical SEO issues and fixes: Includes some interesting puzzles regarding JavaScript and Google’s indexing of structured data and hreflang. SEO TechSEO TechnicalSEO StructuredData Java...

Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines Updated: Beneficial Purpose, Cr... 189 retweets

It has been a year since we last saw Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines updated, but they released a brand new version over the weekend.  Here is what has changed, with commentary about why it is important for site owners and tips they can take...

Search results are officially AMP’d 189 retweets

Now when you search on your mobile device, you’ll see a label that indicates which sites have pages that are ready to load lightning fast.

Google confirms 'small' search ranking algorithm update this past week 187 retweets

Google confirms 'small' search ranking algorithm update this past week - Search Engine Land

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Real-world data in PageSpeed I... 183 retweets

Page Speed Insights now uses real-world data in its reports - check it out, if you care about speed (and of course you should :-))!

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Rolling out mobile-first index... 179 retweets

After a year-and-a-half of testing, Google mobile-first indexing is beginning. This is where we index what's on a mobile-version of a page rather than the desktop version. Rollout will be slow; we always will use desktop if no mobile version. Blog po...

How to get 250k pages indexed by Google 172 retweets

Cool case study: How to get 250k+ pages indexed by Google FAST 1. Server-side rendering 2. Dynamic sitemaps 3. + A single line of code to remove JavaScript for bots (explanation in post) by kunnendavid via jbobbink

Google's European Monopoly (& Shrinking Click-Through Opportunities) 170 retweets

Just published some extraordinary data (thanks to jumpshotinc) illustrating Google's search monopoly in the EU/UK: Also graphs of: - CTRs on organic vs. paid in the US/EU/UK - No-click searches over time - 26 countries CTRs compared and more!

Demystifying Google’s guide to clicks, impressions and position in Goo... 167 retweets

Confused about how Google calculates impressions, clicks, & position in GSC? You're not alone. So I wrote this -> SEO Inception - Demystifying Google’s guide to clicks, impressions and position in Google Search Console

Optimize Website Speed With Chrome DevTools 156 retweets

Impressive: A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to easily level up your Tech SEO skills Optimize Website Speed With Chrome DevTools by kaycebasques via TheWeeklySEO

13 SEO Experts Share Their Tips for Newbies 151 retweets

Looking to start a career in SEO? Here are actionable and insightful tips for aspiring SEO professionals from 13 industry experts.

sitemapsorg - Home 149 retweets

The Sitemaps protocol enables webmasters to information earch engine about pages on their site that are available for crawling.

reCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots 149 retweets

reCAPTCHA is a free security service that protects your websites from spam and abuse.

Cloud Speech-to-Text API 147 retweets

HAHAHAAHAA!!! It's incredible what you can find when browsing Google's other tools: SEOs, can we put this myth to rest now? CTR MATTERS!!!

How to Build Category Pages that Rank Convert 10x Higher 140 retweets

Do you love your category pages? Does Google? Do your users? Consider this category page for low carb recipes from Diet Doctor. Not only is it well designed and super-useful, but it also outranks everything in its class. It rakes in over 600,000+ org...

The 10 SEO ranking factors we know to be true 140 retweets

Google only confirmed 10 SEO ranking factors publicly in its history. In this article, I narrow in on what's true and what's speculation, how important each SEO ranking factor is and the evidence we have for it.

Keywords Everywhere 138 retweets

Free Keyword search volume for 15+ websites like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Majestic, YouTube, Amazon & more

Analytics for Web (gtagjs) 136 retweets

A JavaScript tagging framework and API that lets you configure a site to send event data to Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Marketing Platform.

Find Which Keywords You Rank For With Keyword Explorer 135 retweets

Keyword Explorer can show you which keywords you and your competitors already rank for. Get the freshest, most accurate keyword rankings data here.

PWAs & SEO: Best practices & validations to develop optimized PWAs 134 retweets

What are Progressive Web Apps? Why are they considered to be the future of mobile apps? How to create and optimize PWAs? Take a look here!

Google Search Console Full Width 132 retweets

Want to see the new Google Search Console reports tables in full width? The awesome jroakes has created this Chrome extension to override the default CSS max width > 👌

Tout Google avec un seul compte 131 retweets

Utilisez Search Console pour contrôler les données relatives aux résultats de recherche Google pour vos sites Web.

On-Page SEO for 2019 - Whiteboard Friday 130 retweets

On-Page SEO for 2019! Get insights on: 1 Crawler/bot-accessibility 2 User Experience 3 Content Optimization 4 Value

Speed is now a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads 129 retweets

A friendly reminder that page speed is now a factor both in Google Search and Ads: — have you audited your site perf recently? perfmatters

Google Search Console: The Definitive Guide 129 retweets

This guide has everything you need to know about the Google Search Console. If you’re new to SEO, I’ll show you how to get started with the GSC. And if you’re an SEO pro? I’ll reveal advanced tips, tactics and strategies that you can use to get highe...

Google Reveals JavaScript Rendering Secrets at Chrome Dev Summit 2018 128 retweets

At Chrome Dev Summit 2018, Google's Martin Splitt and Tom Greenaway gave tips on JavaScript rendering best practice and made some exciting announcements.

Getting all your search data 128 retweets

Are you using the Search Console Search Analytics API ⚙️? We recently increased the max results/request to 25k and put together a guide for getting all your site's data. Check it out & play with some code!

Rendering on the Web 126 retweets

Google released a handy blogpost about the effects of rendering options for JS driven websites. Unfortunately, they forgot about SEO impact.

Extract People also search phrases in Google 126 retweets

Shows and adds all phrases from "People also search for" to the textarea in top right corner - so you can simply harvest them all.

Improving Search for the next 20 years 125 retweets

Today as part of our 20th anniversary, we shared a look at how we're continuing to improve search, including supporting search "journeys," surfacing information even without a query & more visual ways of finding information. An overview, from our...

Fast Google Fonts with Cloudflare Workers 125 retweets

Code walkthrough on using Cloudflare workers to improve the performance of sites using Google Fonts. The improvements can be quite dramatic and the sample provides a real-world use case of doing streaming HTML modification in a Cloudflare Worker.

Software Testing for SEO 124 retweets

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to share with you a presentation called "Software Testing for SEO" It's a talk I'm stepping onstage right now to give at brightonseo about how you can use automated testing to help avoid accidents in deployment.

View Rendered Source - Chrome Web Store 122 retweets

Y'all. itshogg's chrome extension to compare the DIFF of HTML vs DOM is invaluable if you're doing SEO for JS frameworks. It's live now in the Chrome store.

SEO Grading Master - Google Sheets 121 retweets

Sheet1 Please add 1-3 key aspects of site health that you look for when reviewing how SEO friendly a website is. Please review prior entries to ensure you are not duplicating. Enter the aspect in the Item column, select an appropriate Category and...

Definitive Technical SEO Checklist for Brands 120 retweets

Good technical SEO checklists are too few and are often outdated. Our friend connections8 wrote this new one for 2019. Definitive Technical SEO Checklist for Brands

COSTCO Deckpdf - Google Drive 119 retweets

Excellent analysis on Costco’s business: h/t JonathanZWhite Founders, even if you’re not interested in Costco, this deck might inspire more strategic thinking.

Here's what happened when I followed Googlebot for 3 months 119 retweets

Every SEO should read this seriously awesome mega-experiment: What happened when I followed Googlebot for 3 months • First link counts rule • JavaScript links • Hidden text ... and more by maxcyrek / ht jbobbink

25 Negative Google SEO Success Factors » Zyppy 119 retweets

Abusing these tactics may condemn you to the bottom of Google search results fast.

How do I know if my site is hacked? 118 retweets

NoHacked is back! More tips for hack detection coming this week! 💪 Start with our guide "How do I know if my site is hacked?" We will walk you through steps to check for signs of compromises on your site! →