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Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Software 123 retweets

Marketo's powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art & science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects.

A Seat at the Biggest Table: Digital Guru Gavin Heaton on the Next Era... 122 retweets

As we reach our final interview in a series of conversations the EIU has held with six visionaries on the next era of marketing, I hope you’ve learned as much as I have along the way about the importance of finding a truth and sharing it, judging you...

Why Freelance Content Writers Aren’t Getting the Results You Want 119 retweets

Don’t outsource to freelance writers if you’re not prepared to build a true partnership in an effort to create valuable content – Content Marketing Institute

Creating Customized Buyer Journeys with AI and Data 102 retweets

Want to leverage AI and data to create personalized content at scale? Register for this webinar on 8/15 with ioninteractive nFuszInc Lattice_Engines Informatica!

3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 70 retweets

As 2018 planning is ramping up, there are 3 social media marketing trends that you should play close attention to.

13 Influencers Predict Content Marketing Trends for 2018 62 retweets

It's time to look ahead at content marketing trends in 2018. 13 influencers offer expert advice on what tactics are still useful & what will become popular.

Content Inc Resources 58 retweets

Resources and Links found at the end of each chapter of Content, Inc.   INTRODUCTION Claus Pilgaard Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, Little, Brown and Company, 201...

EverString Presents ABM After Hours: Austin 56 retweets

Heading back to Austin to talk ABM. You can drink free cocktails on everstring

Prophets of Profit: 25 ABM Experts Give 2017 Predictions & Advice 56 retweets

Account based strategies were prominent in 2016, but it's just the beginning. We asked 25 ABE experts for their predictions and advice going into 2017.

Quality Content: Definitions and Creation Tips From 35 Experts 55 retweets

We’re calling it: Quality wins over quantity. Hear from 35+ content experts on how they define and achieve quality content – Content Marketing Institute

60 Content Marketing Predictions for a Successful 2017 54 retweets

Find out what dozens of experts see on the horizon in Content Marketing Institute’s ninth annual e-book of content marketing predictions.

The Top 50 Sales Development Leaders You Should Know 53 retweets

Buy them coffee. Buy them lunch. Buy them dinner. These are the brightest minds in sales & account development. Get to know them!

Content Marketers: Your WHAT Doesn’t Matter if Your WHY Is Lacking 47 retweets

If you don’t practice an audience-first model in your content marketing, you’re setting your brand up for failure – Content Marketing Institute

Engagio's Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing, 2nd Edi... 47 retweets

With over 70% new and fresh content, Engagio's Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing, 2nd Edition is the latest and greatest in ABM best practices.

15 Insightful and Inspiring Quotes from Content Marketing World 2018 46 retweets

Here are the best quotes from Content Marketing World 2018 with insights from Tina Fey DrewDavisHere TimWasher JoePulizzi... and me: via LinkedInMktg

15 Experts Reveal the No 1 Thing You Should Do in Content Marketing 41 retweets

15 content marketing experts each share the one thing you can do to improve your current content marketing – Content Marketing Institute

The non-linear world of B2B buying 40 retweets

Bob Apollo of Inflexion-Point - the B2B value selling experts - explains why the complex world of B2B buying is inherently non-linear (and how to cope with this)...

6 questions with the most active VC in marketing tech 38 retweets

Why is this man smiling? Well, if your firm had invested in Omniture, ExactTarget, Marketo, BlueKai, Tealium, Sprinklr, Neolane, Optimizely, Bazaarvoice, BrightEdge, and a stack of other successful marketing technology companies, you'd be smiling too...

Webinar Marketing Software, Data-Driven Engagement 38 retweets

The ON24 Platform provides software that helps marketing, sales, and HR teams build digital experiences that drive engagement, deliver insights and realize revenue.

Page Not Found | SiriusDecisions 38 retweets

Our friends Pivot3Inc will also be at SDSummit tomorrow! Catch Brucem67 and ImpartnerPRM talk rapid growth!

Markistrycom is for sale (Markistry) 36 retweets

We couldn't agree more... Sales teams don't want leads, they want opportunities! Read the latest from KellyJWaffle

Do Modern CMOs Have To Choose Between Awareness And Demand Generation? 35 retweets

It's one of the most basic and yet persistent questions facing CMOs and marketers. Do we go the billboard route, which will presumably reach a wide audie...

Cleveland's growing role as a hub in the new content marketing world 35 retweets

When Ohio Governor John Kasich stopped in Cleveland last week there was a phrase he said that has always bothered him. "The rust belt, who wants to live in a rust belt," he asked. "We're not a rust belt we're an idea and a knowledge belt now."

8 Tools to Find Related Keywords for Your Content 34 retweets

To write smart copy that attracts more eyeballs, find more keywords related to your topic. Here are eight tools to help – Content Marketing Institute

Why Written Content Is More Important Than Ever In 2018 34 retweets

The rise of video has dominated the content marketing industry for the last couple of years. But there’s increasing evidence that many people still prefer written content. Here we take a look at the many reasons why written content should be an essen...

The 9 Habits of Highly Successful Content Creators 34 retweets

Want to know what it takes to become a stellar content creator? Check out these nine habits all great content creators share.

BMW Moves Digital Transformation Into The Fast Lane 33 retweets

In the past, the German vehicle manufacturer knew about every car, according to its SVP of customer-centric sales development. In the future, it wants to know the customer.

How Content Marketing Has Evolved in Six Years 33 retweets

Learn what experts say has changed in content marketing in the last six years – Content Marketing Institute

Does Successful Content Marketing Lead to Rising Stock Prices? 33 retweets

Do public companies consistently delivering valuable communication to customers perform better in the stock market? – Content Marketing Institute

Only 2 days left to sign up for our next webinar! 😱 Reserve your spot 32 retweets

Only 2 days left to sign up for our next webinar! 😱 Reserve your spot today and learn the secret to 65%+ engagment:

The ON24 Webinar Marketing Blog | ON24 Blog 32 retweets

The ON24 Blog provides the marketing insights, webinar resources and tips you need to drive human engagement and deliver actionable data.

Mastering the Art & Science of Webinar Marketing 32 retweets

Giveaway at 111 Minna Gallery today - VIP Warriors Package for 2 🎟🔥 Must be present to win. See you at 3:00 pm!

Empathy Is Key To Engaging B2B Buyers 31 retweets

It’s no secret, company websites are a key implement in the B2B marketer’s toolbox.  B2B marketers rate websites as the second most effective demand management tactic for building awareness (behind events) in our 2016 Business Technographics marketin...

Terminus Comes Out on Top of G2Crowd’s Spring 2019 ABM Platform Review... 30 retweets

ABM has officially taken center stage as a B2B growth strategy, along with the account-based technology that supports it.That’s why we’re especially proud that Terminus is now a top performer across account-based marketing categories on G2 Crowd.

The most successful webinars are those built for engagement Try an 30 retweets

The most successful webinars are those built for engagement... Try an ON24webinar & see the difference!

20 Lesser-Known Tools for Smart Content Creators 29 retweets

You’ll want to bookmark these 20 lesser-known but helpful content-related tools, from headline analyzers to a meme designer – Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi: A ‘Content-First Business’ Is The Future Of Marketing 29 retweets

When a CMO uses the phrase “content marketing campaign,” the well-known founder of The Content Marketing Institute knows that executive is in trouble.

How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone 29 retweets

How to explain content marketing to yourself, your boss, or your relatives – Content Marketing Institute

A Developer’s Guide to Hosting Webinars 29 retweets

It may be hard to remember, but there was once a time when to learn something new meant paying for classes, searching for free courses or heading to a physical bookstore or library, and facing the checkout persons thinly veiled judgment of your new c...

The History of Content Marketing 29 retweets

Explore the updated History of Content Marketing infographic to gain insight from the past – Content Marketing Institute

24 B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2019 28 retweets

Lead gen is much more than cold outreach. Here's a comprehensive list of ROI-focused, on-the-money strategies for generating leads from multiple channels!

1BMinutes of Webinar Engagement 28 retweets

View ON24's best practices guide on webinar planning, promotion and registration. Access a webinar checklist and examples here.

3 Life and Marketing Success Resolutions for 2019 28 retweets

Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi gives his most personal keynote and offers a roadmap for people to achieve their dreams

Time for B2B Enterprise Marketers to Get Focused on Their Audience vs 27 retweets

How does your enterprise content marketing compare to your cohorts? Read the latest B2B enterprise content marketing research – Content Marketing Institute

Get Buy-In from Executives With These 6 Common-Sense Reasons 27 retweets

Use these six common-sense reasons to get buy-in for your content marketing program – Content Marketing Institute

What B2B marketing attributes are CMOs looking for in 2018? 27 retweets

As we edge closer to the new year, now is a good time to take a close look at the talent inside your B2B marketing team. Columnist Scott Vaughan discusses the skills and attributes CMOs should look for.

Want to Increase Your Webinar Audience by 30%? See How Twilio Does It ... 27 retweets

Webinars can be a vital part of your marketing arsenal, provided you’re making the best use of your efforts. Your job is to fill the webinar with content and your platform’s job is to help you do so with ease. Here are a few tips for building your au...

11 Insightful Content Marketing Books From 2017 for Newcomers and Seas... 27 retweets

Content Marketing Institute shares an original review of 11 recently published books to help newcomers, seasoned professionals, innovators, and visionaries.

Why is Content Marketing Today’s Marketing? 10 Stats That Prove It 27 retweets

Take these 10 stats about content marketing to secure buy-in (or a bigger budget) from your C-suite – Content Marketing Institute

80 Ideas to Improve Your Content Marketing 26 retweets

How can you improve your content marketing? Spend a few minutes to glance at this simple list of 80 ideas from industry experts – Content Marketing Institute

Strengthen Your SEO Strategy for 2017 26 retweets

Take these SEO actions to boost your content’s value in the eyes of the Google bots – and your target audience – Content Marketing Institute

5 Research Insights to Drive Your Content Marketing 25 retweets

Discover five key insights from Content Marketing Institute’s B2B research and how you can use them to help your own programs.

5 Lessons Content Marketing Can Learn from Journalism 25 retweets

Award-winning journalist turned content marketer shares five lessons to improve your content marketing programs – Content Marketing Institute

Customer Spotlight: Miles Szoda, Jameson Publishing 25 retweets

Get the inside scoop on webinar marketing from leaders in the industry. In this customer spotlight, Miles Szkoda of Jameson Publishing shares webinar tips.

Webinars 20: Increasing Renewals Through Engagement Marketing with ON2 25 retweets

In marketing, we talk a lot about customer engagement. Why? Because we inherently recognize the importance of engagement to the perceived value of our companies and products.

Marketo® Acquires Bizible to Create Industry's Leading Analytics and E... 25 retweets

As announced at MKTGnation Summit, the marketo acquisition of bizible will supercharge marketing and allow organizations to seamlessly link revenue back to marketing investment. Learn more here:

One Thing is Killing Content Marketing and Everyone Is Ignoring It 24 retweets

Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi says it’s not surprising marketers with content similar to their competitors can’t find success

How to Use the 4 Most Helpful Reports in Google Analytics 24 retweets

Content marketers should know how to find and act on the data from these four Google Analytics reports – Content Marketing Institute

Going Big: How to Host a Major Webinar Event 24 retweets

Think pulling off a webinar is hard? Try 30! ON24 rockstar customer PhillipAngerhof of Qualtrics says follow his 10-to-1 rule: for every 10 webinars, leave 1 week to record and edit. More webinerd tips here:

“We’re thrilled with how RollWorks performs As far as an investment it 24 retweets

Say hello to the RollWorks account-based platform, the B2B and ABM solution shown to deliver over 5X the ROI of other account-based marketing platforms.

Conex: The Content Experience 24 retweets

Join leaders in demand generation marketing, digital marketing and content marketing for three days of actionable learning and conversation on how marketers are creating - and owning- the content experience.

8 Writing Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging 24 retweets

Check out these 8 essential writing tips for writing clear, concise, and compelling content.

Best Methods for Data Driven Marketing Success 23 retweets

Mark your calendars! On Thursday, 8/9 from 1-2pm PT, we've partnered with nFuszInc for an exciting marketochat on the topic of “Video Marketing Strategy: Leveraging Interactive Video”. Details here:

SEO Page Titles: 15-Point Checklist for B2B and B2C Brands 23 retweets

Follow these 15 steps to improve your SEO page titles and strengthen the chances of getting your content found – Content Marketing Institute

6 Content Ideas Every Marketer Should Steal From IBM 23 retweets

IBM’s content strategist shares ideas to help scale processes and provide customers with more remarkable experiences. – Content Marketing Institute

Using Buyer Personas to Enable Buyer-Responsive Selling 23 retweets

There is a movement underway to deliver more valuable engagement with buyers. TOPO’s ongoing research on sales organizations shows that sales leaders overwhelmingly rank “improving the quality of engagement with buyers” as their top priority. The key...

How to Stop Overthinking Your Content and Start Writing What Your Cust... 23 retweets

Stop your fixation on creating that “perfect” piece of content and see your success improve – Content Marketing Institute

Ebook: The Art of Becoming a Great Webinar Presenter 23 retweets

Don't let stage fright scare you! Host engaging webinars your audience wants to see. See these tips:

How to Effectively Automate Content Marketing 22 retweets

Here are the right tools, apps, and methods for identifying repetitive tasks in content creation and distribution, and automating them effectively!

Humanize Your Brand: 3 Ways to Create a Visual Social Media Calendar 22 retweets

Create a social media calendar built around three of the primary reasons people engage on social media – Content Marketing Institute