Highest Paying Tech Companies of 2018 by Levelsfyi 684 retweets

entry level software engineers in the bay area are getting paid! This looks right if you count cash and equity comp.

19 Tactics to Solve the Chicken-or-Egg Problem and Grow Your Marketpla... 360 retweets

After investing in 60+ marketplaces, we made a list for Founders of the 19 tactics we’ve seen to solve the classic chicken-or-egg problem. What comes first, supply or demand? The solutions were often counter-intuitive. NFXGuild GigiLevy petefli...

How we built the first real self-driving car (really) 351 retweets

Electric self-driving cars will save millions of lives and significantly accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, but only when they’re deployed in large numbers. So, naturally, our…

What's next for marketplace startups? Reinventing the $10 trillion ser... 291 retweets

[Dear readers, this essay is on the future of marketplaces. Is there still room for marketplace startups to innovate? We answer, emphatically, yes! Am excited to share a vision on the past and future of the service economy, in a collaboration by my a...

lessons from Uber, Hubspot, and others (50 slides) at andrewchen 179 retweets

Dear readers, Building a new growth team is hard. You have to figure out the macro organizational issues – how it fits in with marketing, product, and other functions – as well as the micro, like how to measure the success of these teams. It’s a tric...

The Rise of Maker Communities 157 retweets

Spinning up a simple web app used to require months of development, a team of people, and tons of capital for (physical!) servers. Today a single person can build more than a team of ten in a…

A Post Mortem on Growth Hacking - Andy Johns 149 retweets

How did it start? In 2010 a very sharp technology marketer named Sean Ellis coined the term “Growth Hacking”. Andrew Chen, another very skilled technologist and current Partner at A16Z, followed on with a post describing the role of a Growth Hacker a...

Default Alive or Default Dead? 149 retweets

Rereading paulg essay Default Alive or Default Dead. If YC founders only followed the advice in this essay - I think their success rate would 2x. I wish all tech startup investors gave this advice:

This is the Product Death Cycle Why it happens, and how to break out o 134 retweets

The hardest part of any new product launch is the beginning, when it’s not quite working, and you’re iterating and molding the experience to fix it. It may be the hardest phase, but it’s also the most fun. The Product Death Cycle All of this was on m...

Atrium’s Next Phase of Growth - atrium 128 retweets

Big Atrium announcement today: we've raised $65m in a new round led by a16z to continue to change legal for fast growing startups. Couldn't be more proud of our team, and excited to partner with pmarca andrewchen & mwseibel. atriumllp

Don’t Get Trampled: The Puzzle For “Unicorn” Employees 126 retweets

As a product-obsessed entrepreneur and investor, I rarely focus on financing mechanics in the start-up world. It tends to be a binary outcome, and people should join a venture for the team and…

Growth Loops are the New Funnels — Reforge 123 retweets

The AARRR funnel framework has been the dominating guiding framework to metrics, goal setting, and strategic growth conversations. Funnels were a good starting point but do not accurately represent how the fastest growing products grow. It is t...

Microsoft’s Earnings, Microsoft’s Growth Opportunities, Facebook’s Ear... 117 retweets

1/ Antitrust success is a tale, like many, told by the victors. Usually, however, the only victors are the regulators and lawyers. Conflating/reversing cause/effect is the norm. When customers win, as they often do, the question worth asking is "why"...

Announcing our new partnership with Slack 115 retweets

Announcing our new partnership with SlackHQ by Atlassian // “As part of this partnership, Atlassian has made an equity investment in Slack, and Slack has acquired the IP for Stride and Hipchat Cloud, both of which we will discontinue.”

Season 2, Episode 7: PowerPoint 105 retweets

<p>Acquired returns with a classic, delving into Microsofts first acquisition ever: Forethought Inc, the makers of PowerPoint. Hate it or love it, you cant deny the combined companies impact: by the early 90s PowerPoint had transformed the way busine...

How startups die from their addiction to paid marketing at andrewchen 100 retweets

[Originally tweetstormed at andrewchen, Follow me for more!] Many of the biggest implosions in recent history – especially ecommerce – have been due to startups getting addicted to paid marketing while fooling themselves on Customer Acqusition Costs...

Three Paths in the Tech Industry: Founder, Executive, or Employee 99 retweets

When people ask me for tech career advice I find it helpful to lay out the three paths I’ve encountered most in my career: founder, executive, and employee. I wrote this post though because when I talk to people about their careers I’m surprised at h...

Over 400 Startups Are Trying to Become the Next Warby Parker Inside th 98 retweets

“Now there are more than 400 startups tackling products from toothbrushes to bras. What could go wrong?” // A fantastic article about Direct To Consumer. CAC, Branding, TAM, Retail, Millennials, M&A and more covered. Why the next Warby is so har...

All Videos on GrowthHackers 97 retweets

Tons of awesome and free videos to learn about growth hacking marketing channels, user acquisition, engagement, product launch and more.

Google’s constant product shutdowns are damaging its brand 90 retweets

Google’s constant product shutdowns are damaging its brand Everything you like is one re-org away from being struck through on a mid level VP’s priority list

Library | Startup School 89 retweets

With the launch of Startup School 2018 we also launched a great startup advice library useful for startups of almost any stage:

Why "Uber for X" startups failed: The supply side is king at andrewche... 80 retweets

Remember all the “Uber for x” startups? A few years ago a ton of “Uber for x” startups got funded, but very few of them – maybe none? – worked out. It sounds good but ultimately most failed on the supply side. Let’s explore why. Rideshare has better ...

Documents Reveal FanDuel Founders, Most Employees Get $0 In Paddy Powe... 79 retweets

Early investors, beware (angels, early employees, etc.) story of FanDuel's structured financings & exit will happen more often & folks will be shocked to see effect of dilution + preference stacks + how folks behave at the very end:

2018 essay collection on growth metrics, marketplaces, viral growth in... 75 retweets

Above: One of my favorite moments in 2018, with the a16z team and POTUS44.    Dear readers, Wow, so 2018 was a year with a lot of change – I started a new job, recommitted myself to writing (and tweeting), traveled a little too much, moved back down ...

Startup School 73 retweets

I gave a YC Startup School talk yesterday ( and have now received a ton of email questions from startup school participants (keep them coming!). The questions that are most distressing are the ones that come from teams without a tech co-founder...

Luck and the entrepreneur, part 1: The four kinds of luck 73 retweets

Luck and the entrepreneur: The four kinds of luck This is such a startup canon classic 👌

Front Series B Deck – Mathilde Collin – Medium 72 retweets

A little less than 2 years ago, I shared our series A deck online. This was undoubtedly the most efficient thing I’ve done, since it took me virtually no time at all (it was already done). It’s now…

On B2B2C Business Models – Andreessen Horowitz 72 retweets

The reason B2B2C models are so interesting: when we look at fintech investments, the questions of “how do you get distribution” and “how do you make sure somebody else doesn’t outbid you” are paramount. If you can nail a B2B2C model, you lock down bo...

How to Choose a Startup to Work For by Thinking Like An Investor 69 retweets

I believe that most advice on choosing a startup to work for is wrong. Early employees at wildly successful startups suggest you assume the value of your equity is zero ( and instead optimize for h...

The Hierarchy of Engagement – Sarah Tavel – Medium 69 retweets

Note: I’ve updated this presentation and framework — read the latest and greatest!: I think of user engagement as the…

Why Everyone Should Read Support Emails 68 retweets

“You should spend at least 30 minutes per week reading emails from your customers, no matter what your position is in the company.” – simonschultz

Part IV - Building and Maintaining Network Effects 68 retweets

Today we're releasing the Network Effects Bible: a comprehensive collection of terms & insights related to network effects, all in one place. Very excited to finally publish. A great effort by the whole team GigiLevy peteflint NFXGuild

Why Should I Start a Startup? – Y Combinator 68 retweets

A lot of people ask themselves why they should start a startup. My answer to why you should start a startup is simple: there is a certain type of person who only works at their peak capacity when there is no predictable path to follow, the odds of su...

Announcing 1111: the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service 62 retweets

Cloudflare's mission is to help build a better Internet. We're excited today to take another step toward that mission with the launch of — the Internet's fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service. This post will talk a little about what tha...

The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startu... 60 retweets

Growing startups and evaluating startups share common skills Earlier this year, I joined Andreessen Horowitz as a General Partner, where I focus on a broad spectrum of consumer startups: marketplaces, entertainment/media, and social platforms. This w...

How to Start a Startup: Lessons from Facebook’s VP of Growth - 60 retweets

Before he was the VP of Growth at Facebook, Alex Schultz was one of the few people in the world who transitioned from a career in physics to marketing

A stunning chart shows the true cause of the gender wage gap 56 retweets

Princeton study shows the gender wage gap is actually a big motherhood penalty. One societal change that has helped in other countries like Denmark and Iceland: fathers need to pick up the slack, and paternity leave should be mandatory.

Retaining Top Performers in Tech Startups Through Strong Leadership 55 retweets

Facebook averages only 2 years retention. 1/3rd of employees quit their job in the first 6 mo. What is the one thing that gets new employees to stay? Mentors and coaching, delegate, make space for upward mobility, and go for work/life balance.

Benchmark partner Bill Gurley: Too much money is my biggest problem — ... 52 retweets

Benchmark partner Bill Gurley: Too much money is my biggest problem — Recode Decode with Kara Swisher — Overcast

a16z Podcast: The Basics of Growth — Engagement & Retention 52 retweets

Once you have users, how do you keep them engaged, retain them, and even "resurrect" or re-engage them? That's the focus of this episode of the a16z Podcast, which continues our series on the basic…

What’s Next for Marketplace Startups? 52 retweets

But now, there’s an increasing need for more “managed” marketplaces -- platforms that take on more work, not less (e.g., interviewing and vetting suppliers, automatically setting prices, etc.) -- to intermediate the delivery of the product or service...

Running Your Startup 51 retweets

Running Your Startup by Patrick Collison (patrickc) and moderated by Adora Cheung (nolimits):

a16z Podcast: Talent, Tech Trends, and Culture -- with Ben, Marc, and ... 50 retweets

with Marc Andreessen (pmarca), Ben Horowitz (bhorowitz), and Tyler Cowen (tylercowen) This episode of the a16z Podcast features the rare combination of a16z co-founders Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz in conversation, together, with economist Ty...

Where to Go After Product-Market Fit: An Interview with Marc Andreesse... 50 retweets

Editor's note: This interview with Marc Andreessen was edited and condensed for clarity from the original conversation, and appears in The High Growth Handbook on scaling companies from 10 to 10,00…

Why How My Acqui-hire Failed (And What You Can Learn) 48 retweets

My advice for getting acqui-hired: don’t. But if you are going to get acqui-hired, learn from my mistakes. While there are many benefits to launching a startup, I’ve come to believe the biggest one is learning. A few years ago,

Startup School Lectures Are Now Available as a Podcast 47 retweets

We're now publishing the Startup School lectures as a podcast. Here's where to find them.

A Dozen Lessons on Growth – 25iq 47 retweets

A growth team has the “responsibility to measure, understand and improve the flow of users in and out of the product and business. That’s the role of growth.” “A finance team by definition measures, understands and improves the flow of capital in and...

a16z Podcast: Why paid marketing sucks, Network effects, Viral Growth,... 47 retweets

Dear readers, It was my pleasure to be on my first ever Andreessen Horowitz podcast! if you haven’t checked it out, you can subscribe here. I’ve linked to the Soundcloud and included a transcript below. In the podcast, we cover a broad overview of gr...

Social Media Insights | Sprout Social 46 retweets

Sprout Social Insights is a social media blog for business with a focus on bringing you the latest social media tips, strategies and best practices.

Growth Wins — Reforge 45 retweets

Growth wins. Not growth at all costs, bad unit economics, dark patterns, spam your users, shark fin growth. But authentic growth built on a solid foundation of retention and engagement. This advice isn't new: “Poor distribution - not pro...

Microsoft’s Earnings, Microsoft’s Growth Opportunities, Facebook’s Ear... 45 retweets

The iPhone Franchise stratechery // Smart. Interesting to consider the iPhone annuity stream relative to historic (pre-OS X) Mac "annuity" stream. This is another double-secret playbook that has been out in the open all along, but different this ti...

Why Product Market Fit Isn't Enough — Brian Balfour 43 retweets

I’ve been lucky to have been part of building, advising, or investing in 40+ tech companies in the past 10 years. Some $100M+ wins. Some, complete losses. Most end up in the middle.  One of my main observations is that there are certain compan...

Why we should aim to build a forever company, not just a unicorn at an... 42 retweets

“Unicorn company.” It’s the latest bit of jargon that’s infected our conversations here in the Bay Area, to the point where both WSJ and Fortune have clever infographics and lists of the top companies. In pitches, entrepreneurs are asked to explain h...

The Tyranny of the S Curve 42 retweets

It’s no secret that growing a successful B2C business is hard. Failure rates are high and the companies that do survive can never rest on their laurels. There are a myriad of well known reasons why…

A thread written by morganknutson 42 retweets

Now that Google+ has been shuttered, I should air my dirty laundry on how awful the project and exec team was.I'm still pissed about the bait and switch they pulled by telling me I'd be working on Chrome, then putting me on this god forsaken piece of...

Growth Is Optional: 10 Reasons Why Companies Fail At Growth — Brian B... 41 retweets

The wrong mantras have been pushed.  Product is everything.  You growth hack your way to success.  The way to find growth is to try every channel possible.  Paid acquisition is for companies with bad products.  They are all simply wrong.  The c...

examples from Uber, eBay, Craigslist, and more at andrewchen 41 retweets

Marketplaces are easily underestimated When marketplaces get big, they can get really big. Some of the biggest tech successes ever – eBay, Airbnb, Alibaba, Uber – are marketplaces worth tens of billions of dollars each. And yet marketplaces often sta...

How to Be a Balanced CEO: Passion, Self-Awareness, and Support 40 retweets

Leading a startup towards success is no easy feat. Leading a startup through success is even harder. But, that is the life founders sign up for. They are constantly pulled in different directions, from finding a viable idea to fundraising,

If you're interested in working at a ycombinator startup, here's a goo 40 retweets

If you're interested in working at a ycombinator startup, here's a good place to start:

This DJ-turned-musicpreneur is Using Blockchain to Give Artistes their... 40 retweets

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the long silence on the music front. I've been working on some tech startups and learning a lot about how to be a tech Entrepreneur. I've been mostly failing but sometimes succeeding but I am definitely...

Why Uber Won – Greylock Perspectives 39 retweets

The start of 2016 marked the end of the steroid era of startups — the time between 2010 and 2015 when money was cheap and more plentiful, and used as a performance enhancing drug for company…

How to Map Out Your Startup’s Growth Channels 39 retweets

Around the time an Initialized Capital company finds product-market fit, one of the very first topics we dig into with them is finding their growth channels. Any startup that isn’t looking at…

SEO for Startups: The Organic Playbook for Seed-Stage Companies 38 retweets

TL;DR The SEO playbook for seed-stage startups is different than for established companies. Young startups often lack domain authority, volume of content, and a strong social media following, all of which makes it hard to compete with large players. ...

Lies that Losers Tell – Andreessen Horowitz 38 retweets

’Cause right now you're just a liar a straight mentirosa today u tell me something y manana es otra cosa —Mellow Man Ace, Mentirosa When a company starts…

Process and Leverage in Fundraising – Y Combinator 37 retweets

In running our Series A program, we uncovered a way to materially influence the leverage a founder has in any round: process. Process is important because it gives founders the best opportunity to create a market for startups that favors the founders...

Why Focus Wins — Brian Balfour 37 retweets

I have come very close to a few very big wins in my career.  Close, is the key word in that sentence.  My first company was a college specific social network prior to Facebook existing.  My second company was in virtual goods a year before soci...

Investor red flags and magic numbers for startup metrics 36 retweets

Big thanks to andrewchen, General Partner a16z, for putting together this deck illustrating the principles he has learned in over a decade working in growth. So many great insights here.

What Ignited Tinder's Explosive Growth? 36 retweets

When Wolfe returned from her trip, Muñoz says Tinder had grown from fewer than 5,000 to almost 15,000. “At that point,” he says, “I thought the avalanche had started.” The importance of this early supply-side seeding and word of mouth growth through ...

Elad Blog: For YC Companies Raising Seed Rounds 35 retweets

In the weeks before demo day, a number of YC founders will reach out to me for advice on fundraising or early customer acquisition. In gene...

How to Measure Your Product 35 retweets

How to Measure Your Product by Suhail Doshi (Suhail):