Why I joined Microsoft – Hacker Noon 353 retweets

The best career advice I’ve received so far is, “Never turn down an interview.” I generally follow this advice because you only have so much time in life to make an impact. Recently, I realized…

Hard fork of jteeuwen/go-bindata because it disappeared, Please refer... 346 retweets

📢 GOLANG WARNING go-bindata creator deleted their github account and someone else created a new account with the same name. There's no guarantees that the new user has good intentions, so if you're using the repository make sure you verify it fir...

Getting to Go: The Journey of Go's Garbage Collector 273 retweets

The new Go blog post by Rick Hudson is a fascinating story about the work on the garbage collector. A really good read.

Seven years of Go - The Go Blog 246 retweets

Go was announced seven years ago today. Seven years! I remember the day vividly. (And warmly) Thanks to all.

Go's work-stealing scheduler · Go, the unwritten parts 212 retweets

I wrote about how Go runtime scheduler steals and spins threads to avoid excessive context switches. golang

The Go type system for newcomers · Go, the unwritten parts 202 retweets

Wrote an article about the golang type system for newcomers. - Program flow first, types later - Embedding is not inheritance - Polymorphism - No explicit interface implementations - No header files - No constructors - Nil receivers - No generics

The Way to Go: JetBrains GoLand IDE Hits the Market 199 retweets

It has always fascinated us to see how fast the developer industry is evolving. If you watch it long enough, you’ll see new products and technologies join a developer’s essential toolset every year…

Version SAT Posted o... 184 retweets

Dependency hell is NP-complete, and what you might do about it.

Examining a vintage RAM chip, I find a counterfeit with an entirely di... 152 retweets

A die photo of a vintage 64-bit TTL RAM chip came up on Twitter recently, but the more I examined the photo the more puzzled I became. The c...

This proposal is a simplification of 12488. In short, if the user has... 139 retweets

This proposal is a simplification of 12488. In short, if the user has not set $GOPATH in their environment the go tool will default to a value of GOPATH=$HOME/gocode. Rationale At the moment all the documentation we have says "you have ...

The slides for my "Go in Go" talk from gopherfest 2015: golang 138 retweets

The slides for my "Go in Go" talk from gopherfest 2015:

The ultimate guide to writing a Go tool · Fatih Arslan 127 retweets

🌟My new blog post: "The ultimate guide to writing a Go tool"

Go 18 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language 125 retweets

How did I miss this golang change? So happy we finally have this 😊

Seven ways to profile a Go program 112 retweets

Seven ways to profile a Go program, my gouk16 presentation

doc: remove Pull Request note in READMEmd by andybons · Pull Request 105 retweets

In which andybons sends a Pull Request to Go to remove the comment that Go doesn't accept GitHub Pull Requests now that Go accepts Pull Requests, only to have it auto-closed by our bot saying that Go doesn't accept Pull Requests:

Shrink your Go binaries with this one weird trick 103 retweets

Ok, I lied, there's no weird trick. However, you can easily reduce a Go binary size by more than 6 times with some flags and common tools. Note: I don't actually believe a 30MB static binary is a problem in this day and age, and I would not trade (bu...

Go2 · golang/go Wiki · GitHub 103 retweets

I was asked for an update on Go 2. There's not much to share yet, but I've created a wiki page for tracking what will hopefully be more information in the future: Personally, I'm rooting for generics & better error handling.🤞

How many Go programmers are there in the world? 102 retweets

SOLID Go Design, my gouk16 keynote.

Automatic HTTPS for any Go program: fully-managed TLS certificate iss... 102 retweets

GitHub - mholt/certmagic: Automatic HTTPS for any Go program: fully-managed TLS certificate issuance and renewal

Go tooling essentials · Go, the unwritten parts 101 retweets

If you are new to golang, check out the tooling essentials article I have written a while ago, Some of these options are not very well known or obvious but are essential for your productivity.

What is Developer Advocacy? 101 retweets

Since joining Microsoft I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Developer Advocacy so I’d like to take a moment to explain what it is and why it’s important. Developer Advocacy has many names. You may…

The vgo proposal is accepted Now what? (Go & Versioni 98 retweets

research!rsc: The vgo proposal is accepted. Now what? (Go & Versioning, Part 8)

How to write a Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin · Fatih Arslan 98 retweets

⭐️ Finally finished my latest blog post: "How to write a Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin". Spend around two months on this piece. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions :) golang csi kubernetes kubernetesio

What is Software Engineering? (Go & Versioning, Part ... 98 retweets

New post: "What is Software Engineering?" golang (and thanks to TitusWinters for the answer)

Scan and analyze OSS dependencies and licenses from compiled Go binar... 98 retweets

I wrote a tool that analyzes OSS dependencies/licenses directly from a compiled Go binary. Can also generate reports and configure allow/deny lists.

All your digital life on a single timeline, stored locally 98 retweets

I've open-sourced Timeliner, my newest golang side-project! It gets your data from all your online accounts and stores it on your own computer: Facebook, Twitter, Google Photos, Google Location History, & more.

3 Trivial Concurrency Exercises for the Confused Newbie Gopher · Whipp... 97 retweets

A lot of golang newbies struggle with concurrency. I made up some "zombies and cupcakes" style exercises.

experimental new HTTP client API for golang (WIP) 91 retweets

I've started to rethink the golang HTTP client. See for words & slides & thoughts & links. Totally incomplete & early days. Be gentle.

Tracing for Granularity - Speaker Deck 91 retweets

My slides from my gopherconIS talk: There is also an easy-to-dive-in article I have published earlier on this topic at

Go: 90% Perfect, 100% of the time 90 retweets

Slides from my "Go: 90% Perfect, 100% of the time" gocon talk are now online: With only some trolling.

The Go Programming Language Blog 89 retweets

Thrilled by the announcement ( of the portable golang cloud APIs, but I feel the hard-fought lessons and wins from portability are being forgotten.

How to access deeply nested JSON data using Go (lang)? 89 retweets

Most often developer needs to consume JSON data from other service and query over them. Querying JSON document is little time-consuming. For the last few days, I was working on a package for Golang to query JSON data easily. The idea and inspiration ...

Using the iPad Pro as my development machine · Fatih Arslan 87 retweets

⭐️ Just published a new blog post: How am I using the iPad Pro as my development machine: Includes tips/tricks on how I setup a remote workstation to be used over Mosh with Docker/Vim/Tmux and various other use cases (photo management, editing, etc...

Developer productivity 84 retweets

Why Go? | Dave Cheney

Five things that make Go fast | Dave Cheney 80 retweets

Five things that make Go fast, my talk from gocon 2014.

Announcing: The Go Forum – GoBridge Community 79 retweets

For years, the global Go community has been coming together through several online venues: golang-nuts, Go+, Gophers Slack, /r/golang Reddit, Go on Stack Overflow, and golang on Twitter. Today, we…

Why I joined Heptio | Dave Cheney 77 retweets

Lots of people are making moves lately. So am I.

Carmen Andoh provides the historical context around the technical deci... 76 retweets

Carmen Andoh provides the historical context around the technical decisions of the Go language to better understand its concurrency primitives, garbage collection, and small standard library.

Go Walkthrough – Medium 75 retweets

"Go Walkthrough" is now a Medium publication! Thanks to egonelbre for the awesome hiking gopher logo.

Thanks Brainman | Dave Cheney 72 retweets

I think as an industry programmers don't take the time to give proper thanks. He is my attempt to change this

Diagnostics - The Go Programming Language 70 retweets

We started a diagnostics guide at It is a great starting point for everyone. golang

Language and Locale Matching in Go - The Go Blog 69 retweets

Language and Locale Matching in Go, a new Go blog post.

free gnu/linux high-quality pictures 68 retweets

linux lovers: I just discovered a delightful collection of artwork at There's a gorgeous card deck set that includes golang, python, java, php, and more. 💓

Downloads - The Go Programming Language 68 retweets

This is the best release of Go yet! See for "go get" instructions to try before you buy.

Issue 71440043: code review 71440043: runtime: handle Go calls C calls... 67 retweets

Issue 71440043: code review 71440043: runtime: handle Go calls C calls Go panic correctly on ... - Code Review

NewSpeakers · golang/go Wiki · GitHub 66 retweets

Want to speak at a Go conference this year? I started a page with useful resources and a list of people who would be happy to help you. golang

Idiomatic Go Resources – Damian Gryski – Medium 66 retweets

Every time the discussion comes up around “What does good Go code look like”, the response is “check the standard library”. However, not all of the standard library is a good example. Some of it was…

How I write Go HTTP services after seven years 66 retweets

I’ve been writing Go (Golang when not spoken) since r59 — a pre 1.0 release — and have been building HTTP APIs and services in Go for the past seven years. At Machine Box, most of my technical work…

Peter Bourgon · A theory of modern Go 65 retweets

Wrote a few words on golang magic, global vars, and why func init should be a red flag:

Pprof made easy at development time for Go 64 retweets

It is that time of the year and I am starting to release my tools one by one. autopprof allows you to capture pprof profiles easily with one line and start the pprof UI. A must at development time.

Using Go modules with vendor support on Travis CI · Fatih Arslan 63 retweets

⭐️I wrote a blog post about Go modules to explain how it plays with vendor support and how to set up travisci to support both old & new Go versions with vendor support in mind. Check it out here:

robotic gopher plushie that you can code 62 retweets

Introducing Gopherbot a robotic gopher plushie you can program using golang with tinygo

Go, Open Source, Community - The Go Blog 61 retweets

Go, open source, community. My opening keynote at gophercon.

kernel/git/torvalds/linuxgit 57 retweets

And Linux replaced its "Code of Conflict" with the Contributor Covenant, recognizing you need a real CoC. It's a good day.

Go was the fastest growing language used in GitHub pull requests in Q 57 retweets

📈 Go was the fastest growing language used in GitHub pull requests in Q2 2018:

Hey this is dope! Cross platform network performance tool from micro.... 57 retweets

Hey this is dope! Cross platform network performance tool from microsoft in golang

An incomplete list of Go tools 57 retweets

An incomplete list of Go tools --

A different way to work together — asynchronous, mindful, organized 56 retweets

Real-time chat apps like Slack are taking the business world by storm. But does faster communication really mean better communication?

Ramblings from Jessie: Hard Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes 56 retweets

More container wisdom from jessfraz This time in multitenant kubernetes! Really great stuff.

Analyzing Go code with BigQuery 56 retweets

Recently my colleague Felipe Hoffa told me about a new public dataset in BigQuery: ALL THE PUBLIC GITHUB CODE! As a gopher, my first reaction was to check how many Go files are in that dataset. My…

The Past and Future of Vim-go - Speaker Deck 55 retweets

Thank you all! It was great to talk at VimConf2017. Here are my slides of my talk: "The Past and Future of Vim-go"

A standard library for microservices 54 retweets

A standard library for microservices. Contribute to go-kit/kit development by creating an account on GitHub.

Go database/sql tutorial 54 retweets

was just reminded of this amazing resource for Go developers learning to use db/sql with databases: From the smart folks at VividCortex

689 categorized golang videos on (more to come soon) 53 retweets

689 categorized golang videos on (more to come soon...)

Uses This / Rob Pike 53 retweets

A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

A Quick Guide to Testing in Golang | CaitieM 52 retweets

When I started writing Go in May, I found a lot of useful documentation on Getting Started with Go.  However, I found recommendations on testing best practices lacking.  So I decided to write down what I pieced together, and create a Github Repo of a...

Live and upcoming shows |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changel... 52 retweets

Live and upcoming shows |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

How to write a successful conference proposal 51 retweets

How to write a successful conference proposal | Dave Cheney

Thoughts on vgo and dep · sdboyerio 51 retweets

And, a reflection on the relationship between vgo and dep, and the path forward. golang

Live streaming of GopherCon begins at 8:50 MDT today Catch the actio 51 retweets

Live streaming of GopherCon begins at 8:50 MDT today. Catch the action on