Free Ebook: Distributed Systems Observability 465 retweets

In this practical e-book, author Cindy Sridharan examines new monitoring tools that, while promising, bring their own set of technical and organizational challenges. Download your copy today!

Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The Ladder 416 retweets

Last night I was out with a dear friend who has been an engineering manager for a year now, and by two drinks in I was rattling off a long list things I always say to newer engineering managers. Then I remembered: I should write a post! It's one of m...

Why is HashiCorp committed to open source? 299 retweets

I was asked in a sales meeting why Vault is open source, and this was a fun coincidence… HashiCorp is committed to open source, more on why here:

Initial commit · hashicorp/vagrant050bfd9 · GitHub 298 retweets

It has been 8 years (on Sunday) since I pushed the first commit to Vagrant. Vagrant has grown to something more than I ever could’ve imagined sitting in my college dorm room on that day. Proud of the community and team that continues to carry the tor...

On Being A Principal Engineer 296 retweets

The manager’s pathI bought and read The Manager’s Path by the awesome Camille Fournier when it first came out. At the time, I was a senior Database Engineer aspiring to become a principal engineer ...

HashiCorp Consul 12: Service Mesh 268 retweets

Announcing Consul Connect, a new feature built-in to Consul for secure service-to-service communication. Upgrade to the latest version of Consul, add a few lines of config, and you're done: mutual TLS between any two services. It's that easy.

Testing in Production, the safe way 222 retweets

Testing in Production, the safe way Topics include: - why test in prod when you can test in staging - how to test in prod while minimizing risk - how to test configuration changes in prod - why proxies are your best friend - what to monitor - and ...

Manages a Terraform deployment (and plans) — Ansible Documentation 189 retweets

Excited to see Ansible merge a module for Terraform: We’re planning/working on more integrations with Ansible across our tooling, too!

Advice for a new executive | Lara Hogan 142 retweets

When I was getting ready to join Kickstarter as VP of Engineering, Chad Dickerson (who was the CEO of Etsy when I worked there) offered to send me a bunch of advice. Chad had been a CTO multiple times before being CEO; he knew that this executive-lev...

HashiCorp Terraform Module Registry 142 retweets

We are excited to announce the availability of the HashiCorp Terraform Module Registry. HashiCorp Terraform is a tool to safely and efficiently build, change, and version on-premi...

HashiCorp Packer 10 141 retweets

We're announcing HashiCorp Packer 1.0. Packer is a tool for building images for cloud platforms, virtual machines, containers, and more from a single source configuration. Packer ...

Video Recordings from HashiConf 2018: Keynotes and Breakout Sessions 123 retweets

The strength of HashiConf has always been its community and its speakers, and this year's lineup did not disappoint. Today, we're excited to finally share all of our keynote and br...

The postmortem for yesterday's GCP outage is up. Root Cause - a bug ... 113 retweets

The postmortem for yesterday's GCP outage is up. Root Cause - a bug in a feature that had been "dark launched" triggered by a config change Action items: - safer feature flagging/dark launches - config changes need to be canaried and gradually rol...

The (broken) economics of OSS 112 retweets

'Everyone wants infrastructure software to be free and continuously developed by highly skilled professional developers, but no one wants to pay for it. The economics of this situation are unsustainable and broken.'

API versioning and evolution with proxies 105 retweets

Wrote about: - managing backward compatible APIs - API evolution - building an API for a maintenance/status page - the awesomeness of Consul for driving dynamic configuration updates In other words, why I feel jaded about APIs and excited about ...

The Terraform Book 99 retweets

The Terraform Book released -

A HashiCorp Terraform provider for managing Google Calendar events 99 retweets

GitHub - sethvargo/terraform-provider-googlecalendar: A HashiCorp Terraform provider for managing Google Calendar events.

Protecting Consul from RCE Risk in Specific Configurations 98 retweets

Consul users, read this important security notice. Under specific configurations, Consul could be vulnerable to RCE and we’ve identified malware in the wild that specifically targets this. We’ve backported fixed and documented it here.

Performance of Performance Reviews 97 retweets

As much as any performance review/compensation system is maligned, having a system that is visible with a framework and level of cross-organization consistency provides many organizational benefits.

On-call doesn’t have to suck 87 retweets

Wrote down my thoughts on why the quality of on-call is a direct reflection of a team/organization's engineering skills well as culture/priorities. As well as some thoughts on a more humane on-call culture.

SRE vs DevOps: competing standards or close friends? 83 retweets

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps are two trending disciplines with quite a bit of overlap. In the past, some have called SRE a competing set o

This is a collection of readings, talks, and other bits regarding the... 82 retweets

I've begun to gather accessible (not behind paywalls) resources on ResilienceEngineering in an attempt to further bridge the greater software engineering/operations worlds with the field. Links and teaser excerpts included:

DevOps for Developers: Building an Effective Ops Org 82 retweets

The dirty little secret about DevOps is that everybody talks about what it means for operations teams, and hardly anybody talks about what it means for software engineers. Which is possibly even more important! Operations is not really a dedicated...

The Engineer/Manager Pendulum – charitywtf 82 retweets

Lately I've been doing some career counseling for people off Twitter (long story). The central drama for many people goes something like this: “I'm a senior engineer, but I'm thinking about being a manager. I really like engineering, but I feel like ...

Tinder’s move to Kubernetes 80 retweets

Written By: Chris O’Brien, Engineering Manager |Chris Thomas, Engineering Manager| Jinyong Lee, Senior Software Engineer | Edited By: Cooper Jackson, Software Engineer Almost two years ago, Tinder…

Terraforming 1Password | 1Password 79 retweets

We are excited to finally have all our development, test, staging, and production environments managed with Terraform. There are many new features and improvements we have planned for 1Password, and it will be fun to review new infrastructure pull re...

Kubernetes Engine Documentation 73 retweets

Today, a fairly significant bug was found in runc that would allow an attacker to gain root-level code execution on the host from within a container (CVE-2019-5736). If you're running on GKE with Ubuntu base nodes, please upgrade to the latest vers...

Resource Library 71 retweets

We’re launching HashiCast - a podcast to showcase the amazing people and work going on at HashiCorp. Episode 0 (we’re 0-indexed here) is with HashiCorp Research.

A Vault secrets plugin for generating high entropy passwords and pass... 70 retweets

I heard you all wanted to use HashiCorp Vault for generating secure passwords and passphrases, so I built a thing :).

Building Services at Airbnb Part 3 69 retweets

Cracking read from Airbnb on resilience engineering. So many good bits on load balancing, server side queueing with CoDel and Adaptive LIFO, back pressure, the need for client side rate limiting balancing *in addition to* server side, load shedding ...

Mantl is a modern platform for rapidly deploying globally distributed... 69 retweets

Microservices infrastructure w/ Mesos+Consul+Ansible from nearly the last people I'd expect it, Cisco:

We now host a demo Vault cluster with the UI Its a real Vault cluster 68 retweets

We now host a demo Vault cluster with the UI. Its a real Vault cluster, go crazy! Fun fact: we use Sentinel policies to prevent some really bad behavior. Another fun fact: its all running on Nomad, we use periodic jobs to reset every hour.

Edward Thomson: Advent Day 1: gitattributes for Text Files 68 retweets

Edward Thomson is a program manager and software engineer who works on Git and version control. He is a Program Manager at Azure DevOps and the co-maintainer of the libgit2 and LibGit2Sharp projects.

Production Hardening - Guides - Vault by HashiCorp 67 retweets

This guide provides guidance on best practices for a production hardened deployment of HashiCorp Vault.

Monitoring with PrometheusAvailable now! 65 retweets

Monitoring with Prometheus released! Check it out at:

Maybe You Don't Need Kubernetes | Matthias Endler 63 retweets

Happy to see Nomad on top of HN the other day via Nomad was our fastest growing (by %) project last year for a reason and its just really good software (excuse my bias!).

Crash early and crash often for more reliable software 62 retweets

I’ve increasingly noticed a disturbing trend in software engineering: the idea that any total program crash (via segmentation fault, panic, null pointer exception, assertion, etc.) is an indication…

HashiCorp Consul and Kubernetes Service Catalog Sync 61 retweets

The service catalog sync functionality to sync Kubernetes services to the Consul catalog and vice versa. This enables cross-cluster or platform service discovery using the native service discovery tooling expected.

Want to do an Agile Transformation? Don’t Focus on Flow, Quality, Happ 61 retweets

It was a Saturday morning. I was standing in line at a coffee shop, thinking about flow, as I often find myself doing when waiting in line. I reached for my phone to pass the time (while stuck behind…

Observability tips with HAProxy 59 retweets

Willy covers multiple aspects of observability using the HAProxy load balancer. He also tries to suggest the smallest set of very relevant metrics to watch in order to detect when something starts to go wrong, and immediately spot what, where and hel...

Continuous Delivery Sounds Great but it Won't Work Here 58 retweets

Since the Continuous Delivery book came out in 2010, it's gone from being a controversial idea to a commonplace... until you consider that many people who say …

C Is Not a Low-level Language - ACM Queue 57 retweets

C Is Not a Low-level Language After looking at root causes of Meltdown and Spectre, some C programmers continued to believe they were programming in a low-level language, when this hasn't been the case for decades.

Making Gossip More Robust with Lifeguard 55 retweets

Today we are proud to announce our first publication by HashiCorp Research, titled "Lifeguard: SWIM-ing with Situational Awareness". The paper details a number of novel i...

Add HashiCorp Nomad provider by anubhavmishra · Pull Request 483 · vir 54 retweets

HashiCorp Nomad provider for Virtual Kubelet connects your Kubernetes cluster with Nomad cluster by exposing the Nomad cluster as a node in Kubernetes. By using the provider, pods that are scheduled on the virtual Nomad node registered on Kubernetes ...

Getting Started is Easy 53 retweets

At re:Invent, Nike showcased the tool they built above Vault for their secret storage needs.

An app and container for authenticating services to HashiCorp Vault's 52 retweets

I just open sourced a vault-kubernetes-authenticator mini-app that can be used as an init container to retrieve a HashiCorp Vault token using the Kubernetes auth method and JWT service account token.

Making systems resilient to stressors 52 retweets

Complex distributed systems are often difficult to reason about. We at Netflix run such a system.

Mockingbird Consulting 52 retweets

“HashiCorp At Home” is an awesome series about how our stack is used for a home lab setup. Part 2 just went live, excitedly reading each one!

Clearing the Way For SRE In the Enterprise 51 retweets

Slides from my talk “Clearing the Way for SRE In the Enterprise” at SREcon: Thanks for being a great audience Dusseldorf! Let’s make SRE a better future for everyone. Cc/Rundeck

How the mindset of devops is evolving 49 retweets

We are moving up the abstraction stack - managing services over servers This talk was presented as ServerlessConf.io

How To Establish a High Severity Incident Management Program 45 retweets

A few key SRE practices I strongly believe in: 🌟Do incident review (post-mortem) action items 🌟Use error budgets 🌟Dig into failures and learn from them 🌟Measure Availability & Durability 🌟Focus on business success metrics I wrote about this he...

Dev and Ops Guide to Incident Management 45 retweets

The new Dev and Ops Guide to Incident Management helps you master IncidentManagement

The Packer Book 44 retweets

The Packer Book by kartar is now available! The contents cover using, testing, and extending Packer. Amazing!

Writing Custom Providers 44 retweets

Terraform providers are easy to create and manage. This guide demonstrates authoring a Terraform provider from scratch.

Moving Past Shallow Incident Data » Adaptive Capacity Labs 41 retweets

Here is some data: the last incident your company experienced lasted 54 minutes. What insight does this data reveal besides a) an incident happened, and b) it lasted 54 minutes (at least according to someone interpreting an event as an incident)? Wha...

A simple script for installing most HashiCorp tools (with GPG verifica... 41 retweets

Want to automate the install of a HashiCorp tool like Vault or Terraform while validating the GPG and signatures? I made you a script: Works great in GCPcloud and kubernetesio :)

Applied Monotonicity: A Brief History of CRDTs in Riak 53 retweets

Monotonicity is great. However, in practice, it's difficult to get right and can be prohibitively expensive. Here's the story of implementing CRDTs in Riak.

Effective Mental Models for Code and Systems 125 retweets

Wrote about mental models and how decomposition of software layers should reflect this. Where I propose a “hierarchy of needs” of sorts for code. With insights from Rob Pike, allspaw and more. Thanks, as ever, to mononcqc for reviewing a draft of...

selfcaretech - developer resources for self-care 63 retweets

I just learned about this amazing resource ⚡️ ⚡️ It's a repository of self-care resources for developers & others. This interactive flowchart that walks you through some self-care basics is especially cool.

VS Code Can Do That? 52 retweets

I have failed you. All the tips we did for All the hidden features and great extensions and I missed, quite possibly, the most important one. VS Pizza. Order Pizza from 🆚 Code.

Foot-candles: the different paths to tech 441 retweets

Foot-candles: the different paths to tech – Alice Goldfuss

the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming 696 retweets

At the end of this post is an audacious idea about the present and future of software development. In the middle are points about mental models: how important and how difficult they are. But first, a…

Stackdriver Sandbox 50 retweets

8 months ago, I complained that it was difficult for customers to try GCPcloud Stackdriver Today we’re announcing the Stackdriver sandbox - a one click demo environment to explore Stackdriver with production-like workloads, fault injection, and mo...

GitHub Universe 2018: Low Key Revolutionary 50 retweets

GitHub Universe 2018 was low key revolutionary. Executives avoided silverback displays, but the underlying message was clear. Where a previous generation of executive screamed “developers developers developers”, Github simply rolled

Questions on the future of Open Source. GitHub Gist: instantly share c... 121 retweets

Questions on the future of Open Source. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Scientists Gave MDMA to Octopuses—and What Happened Was Profound 117 retweets

When humans take the drug MDMA, versions of which are known as molly or ecstasy, they commonly feel very happy, extraverted, and particularly interested in physical touch. A group of scientists recently wondered whether this drug might have a similar...

Scan and analyze OSS dependencies and licenses from compiled Go binar... 98 retweets

I wrote a tool that analyzes OSS dependencies/licenses directly from a compiled Go binary. Can also generate reports and configure allow/deny lists.

How the belief in beauty has triggered a crisis in physics 207 retweets

Anil Ananthaswamy parses Sabine Hossenfelder’s analysis of why the field is at an impasse.

Mutual Purpose and Agreed-Upon Methods 67 retweets

I’ve long preferred to work on teams that base cooperation on shared values like inclusiveness, respect, and curiosity. Teams where everyone feels valued at all times, both as a coworker and as a…

DevOps Enterprise Summit Vegas 43 retweets

OH from chris_t_omalley: "Every CEO knows that they need to invest, and that almost always has to do with writing software" does18